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Final countdown

I can’t believe it, but we’re in the home stretch now before our trip.

We are here. (countdown sheet I made for my nieces in Ireland…45 day seemed long when I made it, but the time flew by.)


This week did not turn out exactly as I’d hoped, mostly due to some unexpected work stress. Another employee in our department recently took a new position and will be transitioning away (her last day is tomorrow). She has a more administrative data role (not a nurse), but unfortunately, many of her duties are regulatory requirement in nature. Meaning, they can’t just be left undone, or the transplant program would get in big trouble. Also unfortunately, for some unknown reason, HR hasn’t even posted her position for replacement yet!!!

So, the other RN Data Analysts and I have to cover for all of her duties- plus our own. For an undetermined amount of time, until a new person is hired and trained. The work isn’t exactly difficult, but there’s just a LOT. And obviously it’s all stuff we don’t normally do, and much of it is quite nuanced- and important to get right.

The whole transition has felt very sudden. Everyone is scrambling this week to have all these last minute meetings/ trainings/ etc. and the whole thing has been overwhelming. And, did I mention I’m leaving for a 2 week vacation tomorrow?? So the likelihood of me even remembering all of this new info when I get back is slim. Ha. My new trainee, who started this past fall, is basically freaking out because she still feels relatively new in her role, and now is being asked to take on all this complicated coverage, too….so I’ve been trying to reassure her (but it’s kind of the blind leading the blind!)… ay yi yi. Oh, and she’s going on vacation next week too! What a cluster. 🙃


On the home front, things are looking good. The house remains mostly clean, the boys did the bathrooms last night and the fridge is EMPTY. Garbage is out. My clothes have been packed since the weekend, and we got the boys’ clothes mostly all laid out last night. Ivan packed his clothes too.

Our “final supper” last night (aka eat up what’s in the fridge). Some lemon pepper tilapia + roasted potatoes (had to use up ~1/2 a bag!) and….apple slices. lol. Had a bunch of apples in there!

Tonight will be the remaining misc. stuff- the carry ons, books, chargers, etc. Passports and vaccine cards are already in my bag, though!

I just bought coach bus tickets to the airport (yikes the prices have gone up! There’s also a lovely fuel surcharge now, too). We’re about 3 hours from O’Hare and decided to just take the bus instead of driving and parking. By the time we pay for all those days (+ gas….), I think we come out ahead on the bus. Not to mention we just get to sit back and relax.

Our neighbors are coming over this afternoon to learn how to take care of the hot tub while we’re gone (yay for good neighbors!). I told them to feel free to use it!! Why let it sit there unused? 🙂

Luckily we also have Ivan’s sister and brother nearby, who will tag team to house sit. The hamsters are going to go live at his brother’s house for a while.

I need to run out Target or somewhere for a couple last minute items, but then I think we should be set!

It’s actually Ivan’s birthday tomorrow, so since we’ll be traveling on his birthday, we are getting together with his siblings tonight at his sister’s house for dinner (NOT at our house- don’t want to mess up my clean house! hahaha.).

Also- the boys’ St. Patty’s Day shirts arrived!! We’ll be in Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day, so I ordered them each a green shamrock shirt. 🙂

Asher’s, with the tag still on. 😉

Ethan has been downing shamrock shakes from McDonald’s like they’re going out of style….he’s obsessed!! Ivan keeps enabling his addiction and keeps buying them for him. 😂 I don’t think this has anything to do with Ireland trip prep, though. lol.

Off to get the boys up! It’s their last day. Their teachers have been super cool about them missing school. Their Social Studies teacher said (re: Rome)- “That will be a better history lesson than you’d get in school! Don’t worry about doing any school work- just enjoy!” She does want them to keep a journal of what they do + share it/pictures with the class when they get home. I like that plan. 🙂

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful that Ivan’s brother/sister can house sit for us! Always such a relief to have people nearby to help out.

4 thoughts on “Final countdown”

  1. I love the boys’ teacher’s attitudes about the trip! They will learn a ton through this experience!

    I am so excited for you! Sorry you have had work stress to deal with, though. That seemed avoidable w/ some planning but I know transitions can often be horrible at work… Bad timing with you going out and your new hire going out, too! And it is really essential stuff so not something that can slip through the cracks! 😦

    We’ve had another bad week… Phil got the stomach bug on Monday, I got it on Tuesday. I just barely made it home before I got sick. 😦 I hope my coworkers don’t get it… I was not super close to others so hopefully they avoid it.


  2. it’s already???? wooo!!! so excited for you. sorry to hear about the extra work load. that sucks. Yet, it’s part of the work. people comes and goes and the work needs to be done. hope you find a replacement for her soon.
    So excited for you. I miss exploring new places already.


  3. So exciting.
    What a stressful work situation, and the timing is NOT ideal. I hope you can put it all out of your mind and enjoy this vacation. Hopefully some things will get sorted while you’re away?
    We’re leaving for a short little trip tomorrow, too, and today was eat-everything-in-the-fridge day! I always secretly enjoy this as it feels like a bit of a game to me.
    Those shirts are awesome and how cool to be in Ireland over St. Patty’s Day. Great timing 🙂
    All the best. Safe travels and I hope it’s a simply wonderful trip.
    And I too love when teachers do this sort of thing. Our Grade 5 teachers don’t give homework and I LOVE this! I really do appreciate when kids just get to enjoy their down time and couldn’t agree more that the boys will get more of a history lesson out of this travel than learning things from a book. And keeping a journal is a great memento from the trip + will be a great form of “homework” that will feel meaningful.


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