Friday 5

Friday 5


This is a bigger deal to the kids even than to me. They have been dying to get back in the library. For me, I have a huge list of want-to-read books, so using the holds option has been decent enough. But they love to just browse, look at new titles/covers, get a nice, big stack of books anytime they are low (harder to really just get books “on demand” with the holds system…). So they are super duper excited about this!! Cannot wait.

2- Masks: A weird visceral reaction….

I have noticed something odd!! While I am (I think we all are) extremely used to the whole mask wearing thing by now, I have noticed repeatedly lately that I apparently do NOT like seeing masks in TV commercials. If you pay attention, you’ll notice there aren’t really too, too many commercials that even show people wearing masks in them. But, a few do.

And whenever I see one, I honestly get a visceral reaction to it! Like an actual tightening of my stomach before I can even realize what’s happening. Ivan and I have talked about it… I think that maybe I subconsciously feel that masks in commercials = it’s permanent? Just the absolute/ new normal? I realize this doesn’t really make sense, and the company is just trying to show that they support safety in their stores, etc. But it still makes me cringe, because I guess deep down I really hope mask wearing will not be necessary FOREVER. I also know I wouldn’t like watching TV shows or movies with everyone wearing masks in them (if it came to that).

So far the vaccine seems to be really amazing!! (Vaccine for Ethan may be sooner than later it sounds!!). So, I’m feeling cautiously optimistic that I won’t have to worry about masked commercials in the long run. 🙂

3- A James Clear newsletter quote:

(Very similar to the one by Louis Pasteur I shared the other day, about “luck” coming most often to those who prepare well):

The forager who explores widely will find lots of useless terrain, but is also more likely to stumble across a bountiful berry patch than the person who stays home.

4- A salad 🙂

I had this salad for lunch yesterday (along with some leftover soup). Exciting stuff, I know. Hahaha. It was so good though!!! Romaine, leftover pico de gallo, salsa verde, apple, parmesan cheese, black pepper.

5- Mind full vs. Mindful ❤❤

from Instagram @thepositivediaries

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for our piano technician! He came over yesterday to tune the piano and he’s just such a nice guy. We always chit chat for a while and he does great work, too. Grateful to have found him!

4 thoughts on “Friday 5”

  1. great for library opening up in person, it’s so much better than online browsing!!!
    the mask… interesting observation. it seems so normal for us to go out and put on mask that I’m not sure we are ready to stop doing it. The situation remains fragile in the world and I’m not sure when we will be finally safe. Yesterday I told my mom that girls will go to summer camp and she freaked out and we entered into an argument. I feel bad to have to justify my decision when grandma is just concerned about safety. world is no longer a safe place for many unfortunately.

    have a good weekend!


    1. My kids are going to camp, too. At some point I think there is a risk/benefit analysis that has to get done (in each individual family), and for us, summer camp won out. 🙂


  2. We have the opposite reaction to masks and often find ourselves saying (jokingly!) WHERE ARE THEIR MASKS?? Ha. I’m like Coco and feel like we will be in masks for a long time, even when they aren’t mandated. I don’t feel confident I’m fully protected. I know of someone with RA who was vaccinated and got Covid pretty badly. 😦 So I think I am not as protected as the average person. But I look forward to a time when the teachers at school don’t wear masks because it is hard t recognize them sometimes. And I know our infant would benefit from being able to see caregivers smiles and facial expressions. Our daycare is working on a plan to get teachers to not have to wear masks and are prioritizing the infant rooms. So that will be a positive change!

    I am glad there is communication around removing mask mandates because we need to give vaccine resistant people a reason to get vaccinated. Our mandate is based around 70% of adults being vaccinated. If nothing changes after being vaccinated, people might wonder why to do it. I heard a sad stat that less than 30% of parents plan to get their kids vaccinated when it’s available. I will jump at the chance to get both boys vaccinated although it is probably still a ways off!


    1. We also don’t feel ready to ditch masks, and I guess I am just so used to wearing one now that I don’t see it as a big deal at all. Easy enough to slip it on and better safe than sorry! I think maybe with the tv commercial thing though it may be that that is my “escape from reality” time… so then when I see the masks, I get pulled back into the real world and I don’t like that reminder! Haha. 🙂 I can see your nervousness with the RA. I definitely feel more comfortable now in general being fully vaccinated… bummer that you still have to feel more worried!! I have read that lots of moms with young kids have concerns about the mask wearing and their kids not being able to see faces, etc… I hadn’t really even thought of that! Mine are older, so I don’t think it’s as big of a deal. But, I think we can all agree that hopefully someday they just won’t be necessary at all! 🤞🤞


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