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How to waste a morning

Whoops, I missed a day! Sorry about that (if you noticed 😉). I intended to wake up yesterday morning at 6 am to enjoy a quiet morning, but this happened instead:

*alarm goes off at 6 am*

Me (gets up to shut off alarm across the room on my hamper): “Oof, I’m super tired. Gonna crawl back in bed for just a couple more minutes.” snuggles back under the blankets.

*window is open. room is dark. it is raining. bed feels amazing.*

Me: “Ohhhh, this is so relaxing. You know what, I should just go back to sleep.”

Me (20 minutes later): “Hmm, I can’t fall back to sleep. This is annoying. Guess I should just get up.”

Me (40 minutes later, still in bed): “Just gonna lie here for like 10 more minutes. It feels so nice, even though I’m not sleeping.”

Me (80 minutes later, now 7:20 am): “I should get up. If I get up now, I can still have some time before everyone else gets up and going (my Mom and Dad were here).”

Me (120 minutes later, now 8:00 a.m.): STILL lying in bed. Just lying there! Half dozing, half awake. Meanwhile husband is sleeping at all points above. Kids probably up by now and playing video games, but they don’t need me. 

Me (150 minute later at 8:30 a.m.): “Okay, really getting up now.” *drags self out of bed as if I were 100 years old….* 

And that, my friends, is how you waste a morning! 🙂 Just kidding. I really don’t consider it wasted time. How often do I just lie or sit somewhere, doing nothing, for 150 minutes?!? This may have been a personal record. I blame it on the rainy weather! 😊

Today is Labor Day, so no work or school here in the U.S. I DID wake up early-ish today since I have a bunch of stuff I want to do, and I wanted some alone time early this morning too. 

On the list:

  • a walk outside!
  • a workout
  • catching up on a little bit of work stuff/ organizing
  • checking in on bank/ CC accounts/ spreadsheet
  • hopefully set up a new wireless external hard drive Ivan bought me recently
  • READ! (Looking for a new non-fiction/ personal development genre book, too. Haven’t read one in a while and I’m in the mood. Suggestions??)
  • Make a meal plan for the week, using groceries from last week’s big haul (still plenty of stuff on hand)
  • Play a game with the boys tonight! Asher requested Wheel of Fortune. 
  • Make sure boys clean hamster cages and are ready for 1st “real” week of school tomorrow (still virtual)
  • Hopefully watch a couple more episodes of The Good Wife with Ivan
  • Clean up, take pics and post online (or remind Ivan to do this) an ad for our old stainless dishwasher to try to sell/ get rid of (that we replaced last summer and is still sitting in our garage!!!)

BTW- if you are looking for something fun to watch with your kids on this Labor Day, check out The Speed Cubers on Netflix. My blogger friend Coco shared about it last weekend. It’s technically a documentary but watches more like a movie and is only 40 minutes long. Not boring at all. 

It’s about a couple of kids that become the Rubix cube/ Speed cube World Champions and a very special bond that forms between them, despite being competitors. One of them has autism and has many challenges to overcome, but he is extraordinarily talented and becomes a repeat world record holder. It’s a GREAT, heart-warming story and very inspiring, too. We all really liked it. The boys went through a big “Rubix cube phase” last year, so they could relate to it a lot, too. 

Out to lunch yesterday…Ethan was inspired by the film to pull one of his speed cubes back out! Pictured here at the table with his 3×3 cube. 🙂 

Daily Gratitude:
I am grateful for being healthy. I share this one periodically, but it’s worth expressing gratitude for frequently, in my opinion. This morning while I was getting dressed, for some reason I had a sudden thought of some old transplant patients I used to care for with chronic health issues. They lived their whole lives constantly in and out of the hospital, being poked and prodded at, going back and forth from the hospital to clinic visits….I am SO GRATEFUL that this is not something our family has had to experience.  

2 thoughts on “How to waste a morning”

  1. I love your way of "wasting a morning". I would definitely do that if my family can all stay in bed and coming to disturb me hahahha.glad you liked the doc, we really like it as it also comes with a big lesson for the kids, winning might not be the most important thing in a game/sport, but friendship and kindness. I just finished deep work, loved it! but it might not be a fav for all people due to work nature, but I really learned a lot from it.enjoy your labor day.


  2. Good for you for 'wasting' a morning. We all need slow mornings like that! I had a lazy morning yesterday as I woke up at 7:40 am! I had woken up around 5:40 and didn't think I would fall back asleep… but then I checked my watch and it was 7:40! I ran out of bed thinking Phil had been up with Paul for a long time (he's usually up around 6:45). But they were both still in bed! Paul was pounding on his crib bars but he must not have been doing that for long as it would have woke Phil up otherwise (I've been sleeping in the guest room in the basement since it's cooler and I need so much room with my body pillow and all the tossing/turning I do). I felt a little bit guilty but also knew my body needed the rest. And then I also napped for an hour during Paul's nap… I'm tired of being so tired, but pregnancy with a toddler is exhausting, and my anemia is not helping either! We will have to watch that show on netflix. Right now we are watching a show called "Alone" – it's about 10 people who get dropped in a remote area and whoever lasts the longest wins $500k. We started w/ season 6 which is on Netflix – that was set in the Arctic Circle. Now we are watching season 1 which is on the north part of Vancouver Island.


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