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With all of the craziness after getting home from vacation and the drama revolving around school re-opening, I almost forgot that today is our wedding anniversary! It snuck up on me. 

Lucky number #13. 😉 In 2020. Double 😉 

Ivan tried to convince me last night that it was actually 14, and then I got confused and proceeded to actually count out the years on my fingers, which he got a nice laugh out of. Maybe it just feels like 14 to him…hehehe. 👼



I, for one, think we simply look wiser, more worldly and more experienced– not older at all. 🙂 Cheers to el amor de mi vida. 💓

We pre-partied (lol) last night since tonight Asher has swim practice from 7:30-8:20 pm. Darn kids always getting in the way. 

We decided last minute to go out to a nearby Italian restaurant and shared this low calorie option of wine, sausage/cheese bread and shrimp minelli pasta. 

Tonight…who knows. Honestly, I’d be happy just curling up with a blanket and watching a couple episodes of our show with something to drink. Sounds boring, but that’s actually one of our favorite things to do together. It’s just RELAXING and we form a weirdly special and fun bond over talking about the show, the characters, etc. 

We never really exchange gifts for our anniversary. A meal out is usually about the extent of it, but sometimes we will do a small gesture, like flowers or I’ll pick up doughnuts for breakfast or something. I was thinking about maybe sneaking out quick and getting him a Starbucks coffee (his white chocolate mocha that he likes) before he wakes up. 

Also…. a big HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my parents today, too! #48 for them!! Whoa!! We had the honor of being married on their 35th wedding anniversary. (Wasn’t intentional, just kind of worked out that way, but it was pretty special!)

The amazing couple that has been a prime example of a long-lasting, successful, loving married relationship!

They don’t look a day past their 21 years when they got married, either, do they? 💓

Daily Gratitude:
I’m grateful for my husband! (Gotta say it on our anniversary, but it’s true!) He’s the most hard-working guy you’ll ever meet and would walk through fire for his family. Love him! 

4 thoughts on “#13”

  1. Happy anniversary! I actually do not think you have aged all that much over the last 13 years! You guys look great! We have a very similar approach to celebrating anniversaries – and all celebrations in general as we are not gift people! We usually try to have a special meal out although that did not happen this year. But we did do a day date for our anniversary and went hiking. That is so cool that you share an anniversary with your parents!


  2. happy anniversary. your "low calorie option meal" made me laugh. hahahaha… I totally agree that we get wiser and happier as we get older (in age). Our anniversary is coming up in october and have no idea what we'll going to do, but just be together is good enough for me.


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