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A good day

The good thing about a bad day is that it’s usually followed by a good day. That’s my experience, anyway. I don’t too oftenhave multiple bad days in a row, maybe because the bad day forces me to stop and re-evaluate WHY it was a bad day and make some intentional changes to avoid another bad day the next day.

Yesterday was no exception. I definitely felt better yesterday and had an all around good day. I scheduled out my day in quite specific time blocks and was careful to stick to my plan, and it worked.
Things accomplished:

-all of the work-work I wanted to get done yesterday, including some progress on a project and some other progress toward an upcoming deadline

-a morning walk with Ivan

-morning swim with Asher (1,450 yards for me, 1,700 for him!)

-took a (scheduled) 2 pm break to get my Beachbody home workout in quick. I planned (and did) work until 6:30 pm as a result, but this worked out great. I actually focus really well in the later afternoon hours (like 2-6 pm range) and have been preferring working split shifts or even like 11 am- 7 pm sometimes lately (allowing earlier mornings for kids or other stuff). This is one perk of the pandemic, since the overall lack of afternoon/ evening kids activities allows this more flexible schedule. 

-I told Ivan in advance that I was going to work later and asked him to plan on taking Asher to his swim dryland workout at 5:30, which he did- freeing me up from thinking about it or having to stop working to take him.
When we got home from swimming I told the kids they were on their own for breakfast as I needed to get to work. Asher called me up to show me his “masterpiece” a bit later:

Avocado double egg toast- avocado + chopped hard boiled egg + 1 over easy egg topped with salt and pepper! Yum! Good job buddy! 😊 Pretty sure Ethan just grabbed a slice of cold leftover pizza. Haha.

Another perk of the day yesterday was that Ethan (in an attempt to get on my good side, after failing to complete a couple of “morning expectations” which got him on my bad side initially….) basically cleaned the whole main level of the house (without me asking him to!). I’m talking dust, vacuum, straighten, the whole nine yards. Anytime they CLEAN instead of making a mess is automatically a good day.

Asher, on the other hand, has been a bit irritating this week with a recent obsession with SLIME. It is great fun and all, but he manages to leave the remnants of the project everywhere he goes, with bits of detergent and glue and whatever else is even in that stuff all over the place. I have not been involved with the slime making, personally. Apparently Asher was texting Ivan at work the other day, sending him a grocery list of fresh supplies to pick up for him on his way home from work. Haha. Ivan was thrilled. I just know that Asher does a very mediocre job of cleaning up after he makes it, leading to me constantly looking for Asher when I come upstairs for a break to make him come clean up (again!).
I did learn that using a straw, slime can be blown up into massive bubbles! 

Daily Gratitude:
I am grateful that we had shelter from the storm last night. There was a big line of thunderstorms rolling through, with some intense wind, rain, big flashes of lightning and I think I even heard a little bit of hail. I felt grateful, tucked safe and dry in my bed, for a strong, sturdy home to protect us from storms like these. It was still raining this morning steadily at 5:00 when my alarm went off, so I actually chose to crack my window and stay in bed for 30 more minutes, just enjoying the rain sound and dozing a bit longer. I’m grateful for that, too. 

3 thoughts on “A good day”

  1. Whoa, I am super impressed with Asher's breakfast creation! That over easy egg looks perfectly cooked. Way to go, buddy! I didn't learn how to make an over easy egg until I was in my 20s! I was 1 of 5 and my mom didn't really teach us to cook, especially the younger ones. I think it was just faster for her to do it herself and she wanted us out of the kitchen/out of her way… So I basically didn't know how to cook anything – even scrambled eggs! – until I was out of college. Pretty lame, huh? I definitely want to make sure Paul learns how to cook some basic dishes, though!I am glad you had a better day! I'm kind of starting off my morning cranky as another colleague is taking the same week of August as me, so our other colleague will be on our own. I said I would bring my laptop with me to the lake if she gets really jammed while we are out. So I'm cranky about that as I was planning to 1000% disconnect from work and not check email… but hopefully my day turns around!


  2. Haha, in fairness, the over easy egg was made using an egg ring! He went through a phase last winter wanting over easy eggs before swim practice, so we bought him a pack of egg rings for Christmas so he could make his own! I can make them fairly well, without the ring, but I usually need two spatulas to flip it. Totally understand not wanting kids in the kitchen. I also didn't learn to cook much as a kid at ALL. We were just busy in high school with activities and stuff and I guess not really around when cooking was happening. My mom worked full time too and we ate a lot of quicker/ simple meals at that stage in our lives. I don't even know if I had made spaghetti noodles before I lived on my own!!


  3. glad to know you bounced back quickly. I also find the day after a bad day usually is good because our inner self always prefers to be happy than stay in a bad state. And you did accomplish a lot! oh… that breakfast creation! divine!!!


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