Friday 5, Gratitude

Friday Five: Good Things!

Happy Friday!

I don’t really know why I sometimes say “Happy Friday!” or “Happy Wednesday!” in the opening of these blog posts….I am really not the kind of person who says “Happy-insert-day-of-the-week” in real life. But for some reason, it always feels like a nice, cheery way to greet my blog readers. LOL!

Anyway, Hello, Good Morning, Buenos Dias or “Happy Friday” to you all. 😊

I feel like I have sort of been blabbing on this week with just a LOT to say about a variety of topics, from phone usage, to our travel plans saga, to a long winded explanation of my lagging workout motivation and routine.

So! How about an old favorite today instead, a Friday 5. Quick and simple, 5 things that brought me joy this week.

1.  This picture of the sky. Ethan took it in the car a couple nights ago- the sky was beautiful and I tossed him my phone to snap a pic.

 2. My front flower bed. It’s really starting to fill out now and I just thought it looked quite lovely yesterday morning.

3. Biking to the gym with Asher so he can swim laps a few days a week. It’s a short ride, but the weather has been great and it just feels fun and special. We usually go just the two of us. After he swims he likes to sit in the hot tub and I sit on the floor next to him and put my feet in and we talk.

4. The hamsters are doing GREAT since we separated them!! I didn’t realize it, but living together must have been stressing them somewhat. They both seem much calmer, relaxed and just happier apart. They are now both incredibly sweet and snuggly. Phew. I think we made the right choice!

 5. I have been working out in my office this week! Yes, my office/laundry room is a mess (cleaning it was on my list the other day but never happened). Usually I work out in the rec room, but I have been holing up in here the last few days and am liking it! It just feels cozy and private with the door shut and I like how it’s still kind of dark outside my window and I turn my dim lamps on….just feels nice to me. 😊There’s just enough room to exercise comfortably in here, and as a bonus, there’s no carpet…out in the rec room I always worry my shoes will wear out the carpet!

Have a great Friday! What were some great things in your week?

Daily Gratitude:
I am grateful for my thumbs. Quick story: last night, I was about to jump on a Zoom happy hour call. I had about 1 minute to go, and I was trying to slice a lime to squeeze into my beer. Well, I managed to slice my thumb instead. Nothing serious, but enough that I had to sit holding a napkin on my thumb for half of the call and it required a Bandaid. Later, I was trying to write an email on my phone….I’m not sure how you text, but I have a very specific (and fast!) way that I do it. It requires my left hand thumb! I use my L thumb and my R index finger. Anyway, with my thumb out of commission, it was quite challenging and took me forever. Therefore, I am grateful for my thumbs! This made me realize how much I need them!  

5 thoughts on “Friday Five: Good Things!”

  1. Morning Kae! It was really nice meeting you for Happy Hour yesterday and very sorry to hear about your thumb. I'm not sure I could do much without mine either. Love your office setup. It's so much cleaner than mine 🙂


  2. Hello! Thanks for stopping by! It was so great to meet you too!! And yes, I love my little office. It's so definitely nothing fancy, but I love having my own little nook in the basement just for me. Obviously I use it for work, but I also use it as a place to just get away from it all at times to work on personal things, read, pay bills, etc when I'm not working too. 🙂


  3. somedays we just are more reflective and have a lot to talk about… I like your thoughtful posts, they make me reflect too. Nice workout set up. I usually workout (non-running) in our bedroom facing a gorgeous golf course. :)happy Friday! also not sure why people say that, but it sounds cheerful, so why not.


  4. My husband has been using our office upstairs (which will become the baby's room eventually) and I have my "office" set up on my dining room table. I kind of like it because I'm right by the kitchen so can easily grab snacks/make lunch, and I am next to a patio door so get lots of light. But it's not great when I have conference calls around lunchtime when Phil is home as it's hard for him to quietly warm up his lunch… but he goes into the office 3 days a week and will be back to full time this fall I think so it will be a short-term problem! But it is nice that you have a private office space! I'd need that if I had kids at home with me!


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