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Stop When You’re Done

Oof, this morning was one of those mornings that I just did not have much energy. The alarm went off at 5:00 as usual but I just felt tired and groggy. Ended up hitting the snooze button a couple times. More than really feeling “sleepy”, my body just felt kind of heavy and tired. 

I got off my normal workout schedule over the weekend, so I had to make up a workout on my normal rest day yesterday (one perk of my online accountability friend- I had to catch up with her!). Plus, Ivan and I did that semi-long bike ride Sunday, and we’ve been walking a lot this week- TWO long walks yesterday. I also did a bunch of cleaning yesterday on my day off too. I mean, I certainly didn’t climb Mount Everest or anything, but I guess I’ve just been very “active” in the last several days.

So, my body (and my brain, more so) were fighting me this morning! It got a little later than I prefer before I was finally downstairs (thank you snooze button), and I was so tempted to just plop down at my computer desk and just write a post and clean out my email inbox or something. 

But last week I ended up giving into the temptation to push my workouts back to later in the day on several occasions, and I realized how much this just does NOT work as well. It’s honestly so much better to get up and get it done. Later in the day I never magically have any increased motivation- if anything, I have lessmotivation later. Plus, it just throws my whole schedule off. So as painful as it can be sometimes to work out at 5:30 am, lately, it has been the best bet.

I told myself this week I would make NO EXCUSES and just do the dang thing immediately when I get up! I like it because then I can shower and be all set for the day right away in the morning , versus sitting around in workout clothes all day “waiting” to work out.

I’m about 2 weeks in now to a new routine from Beachbody (joining in again with my new IG friend from Florida). I still can’t believe I haven’t rushed back to the gym! More on that another day.

This time we are doing a combination of Lift 4 and Barre Blend. When she suggested we try Barre Blend, I kind of thought it might be too easy. I didn’t know much about it and it looked a little “fluffy” to me, sort of a dance/ ballet based workout. (Anyone who knows me will agree- I am a terrible dancer, and have zero flexibility). But I decided to go ahead and try it- maybe it would be fun!

And it totally is! It’s SUPER fun! And, it’s really, really challenging too! I stand corrected. This is why it’s always good to try new things. I am actually really enjoying it, though I probably never would have tried it on my own. The Lift 4 component still gets in the heavier weight lifting, and the Barre Blend workouts are more body weight/ very light weight. Both parts include some cardio. But don’t be fooled- I think the Barre workouts are even harder than the lifting portion!

Like I said, this morning I felt pretty “blah”…just not much energy and my body felt tired. But, I am now sitting on the deck with my tea, writing this post, having successfully completed the entire workout (today was Lift 4 Shoulders Intervals + Barre Blend Core Blend). I did have to check myself a couple times to make sure I wasn’t sort of copping out and cutting any corners. 😊 

I repeated this little mantra a few times to myself to keep it moving when I was eyeing the clock sort of hoping to be done:

It always feels amazing to push through and accomplish what you said you would, even if it’s just a simple morning workout! Now, on to conquer the rest of my day! 😉 

Daily Gratitude:
I am grateful for our city’s garbage service and workers! Today is garbage day here. It’s pretty cool that we just have to roll a couple bins out to the curb and people will come and take it away for us! I’m grateful we don’t have to deal with hauling it somewhere…or worse, having garbage just piled up all over the yard or something! 🙂 I’m grateful they come once a week too, instead of only once a month or less frequently. 

3 thoughts on “Stop When You’re Done”

  1. we all have such days when physical and mental stress take a toll to us. I feel that more so during the quarantine than normal. But i always feel better after my run. i'm really intrigued now by the beach body workout. I'll google it. if it's short maybe i'll give it a try. glad you push through it! 🙂


  2. I used to go to barre classes – I had an unlimited membership in the months leading up to our wedding in 2017. It was an amazing workout. Those workouts tend to work muscles you don't work otherwise and you really feel the burn! I would pair that with running and some personal training sessions and was in the best shape of my life probably. Then i had a baby and oh boy, I am not in the best shape anymore. But i am hoping to get back to working out after this baby is born. Right now I am so dang tired that I need every minute of sleep I can get, and I've been so swamped at work that I haven't been able to fit walks in during the day. But hopefully things slow down soon at work because I can't keep going at this pace.Glad you are loving the beach body workouts! I think I will re-join that unlimited program after we have our 2nd baby. I love having access to tons of different workouts.


  3. I had definitely heard about barre classes, but have been so into traditional strength training/ lifting over the past few years that I never even considered it. Plus, as I mentioned me + "ballet" do not typically mix at ALL. lol. But yeah, it's super fun and has been a great workout! I'm really enjoying the change. You'll have plenty of time later to worry about getting back in shape after baby comes! Just try to stay active with Paul and get out for those walks when you can. 🙂


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