3 Things on a Saturday

Ah, a Saturday morning with no kids home. 😊 How relaxing. (Actually, I’m kind of exaggerating the difference- at this point, the boys rarelywake us up on a Saturday. They generally make a beeline for the living room since on Saturdays they can play video games when they wake up for a while).

But still, there’s something peaceful about waking up to an empty, quiet house. It’s a GORGEOUS morning. I made my tea and started heading for the deck, where the sun is spilling across the lawn and the sky is so blue….but brrrr!! What the heck?! It’s 52 degrees outside!! ☹ Back inside I went, down the basement office instead.

The table was calling my name….but then it suddenly wasn’t. Brr! Maybe later. 

So, I lied to you yesterday. I don’t actually feel like expanding on my “Intentionality” post from yesterday right now. I didspend some time thinking about it and I have my thoughts organized on a notepad, but I am just not in the mood right now to write a deep post about that! So, I won’t! 😊

 I find I often am more in that frame of mind when I do my writing early first thing in the morning, and since I slept in today, it’s already 8:26 a.m. as I write this. I have other stuff to do today and I honestly just am not really in a very introspective mood! I’ll get to that post eventually…maybe tomorrow. But no promises! Haha.
Instead, I will share a few tidbits about my last couple of days:

1. The boys, as you know if you’ve been following my blog, are at my parent’s house this week. They went out  fishing yesterday and Ethan caught THIS:
Holy cow! He called me afterwards and I could tell he was SO excited. He must have been going nuts! Asher caught a bunch too (but not this large). They measured, and this wide mouth bass was 20 inches long! Nice going buddy! I can guarantee he would not have had THAT excitement at our house on a Friday afternoon. 😉

2. In some sad news, we made the difficult decision to separate the little hamsters into separate cages. I am SO SAD about this!!! Once separate, they can’t even really play together or be together anymore. 

They were just adorable together. But we had been noticing increased aggression from Flint (the larger one), chasing after, pinning down and just exhibiting “bully-like” behavior toward little Steel. They would still sleep by each other and were fine for much of the day, but we never knew when Flint would suddenly turn on Steel. We aren’t home or watching them constantly, obviously, and it was just making us too nervous. He hadn’t injured him (yet) but it was scary when it would happen. I read that many times this does happen, unfortunately, and that as hamsters get older their territorial instincts kick into high gear.

Little Steel enjoying some seeds and sweet potato. We couldn’t give him treats inside the cage or Flint would start fighting over them…. Now he can have all the yummies he wants, in his own cage! 

3. Ivan and I went out for dinner last night, and we shared THIS:

It was HUGE! I’m not sure this picture really shows the size well enough. 

Wowzers! I’m not much of a drinker, really, save the occasional beer or margarita, but we decided to get this pineapple-strawberry-raspberry-colada thingy in the “jumbo” size to share. THANK GOD we shared it or we would have been in trouble! It was quite delicious.
Have a great weekend! What are you up to today?
Daily Gratitude:
I am grateful for my van and that I have my own vehicle to drive. It would be SO hard (nearly impossible) with our lifestyle if Ivan and I had to share one vehicle. I’m so grateful that we are able to have two, good, solid, dependable vehicles for our family. 

2 thoughts on “3 Things on a Saturday”

  1. I love walking in the house when it's quiet, which is everyday at 4:30am 🙂 it brings me peace and calmness. it seems your boys are having so much fun!!! I would be missing them badly already. yeah… contraction of motherhood, we want to be alone but at the same time missing them terribly when they are not with us. this happens to me all the time when i travel for work. you had hamsters? didn't know. so funny. when I read it, it came to my mind my two girls… who are each others best company but fight all the time. should I separate them too? hahahah..we just bought a real bike for Sofia, so I guess we will spend some time teaching her to not fall today.


  2. Holy cannasta that is a huge fish! Nice work! I bet that was an exciting morning for your boys – and the grandparents. My dad would love to be part of catching a fish like that with his grandsons. I hope Paul takes to fishing as he gets older but I imagine he will as all my nephews love to fish off our dock at the lake. That drink looks amazing!


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