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Yesterday a strange thing happened.

My kids went somewhere. Away from home. Away from me! Away from us. And I don’t just mean outside to the neighbor’s yard for an hour!

We packed up their things and they climbed in the car with my Mom and drove over an hour away to stay at my parent’s house until (I think) MONDAY! This = 5 nights.

This is quite remarkable, because I feel like we have all been sort of “joined at the hip” since March 11th (but who’s counting?). 😊 I’m mostly joking- on the whole, I have loved seeing the boys so much. I’m not actually really “tired” of them exactly. But with no school, very few activities lately and just not much happening, there are moments that I feel a little bit claustrophobic. I also hear the word “Mom!” so much lately that I sometimes start hallucinating and hear it even when they aren’t saying it! 

It is going to be really nice to have a few uninterrupted days to just breathe a little bit. I’m looking forward to getting a lot of good work done, with no worries about anything else or having to juggle their questions or visits to my office. I’m also excited to just have a little alone time with Ivan, to hang out, watch some movies, go for walks, whatever. The boys were ecstatic at the idea of going to Grandma and Grandpa’s for a few days, all by themselves, too. (It was actually their idea!)

Saying goodbye to their hamsters! I guess I’m taking over as caretaker for a few days. 

They left yesterday around 1 pm and I had a really relaxing afternoon (it was my flex day off of work). I went for a quick run, and then sat out on the deck (in some humidair) and read for a little while before a big storm front rolled through.

Then, while Ivan was still at work, I took a leisurely shower and just kind of enjoyed the rainy afternoon in a quiet house. My email inbox had been piling up big time and I had all sorts of weird little tasks to do, like renewing the lease on Asher’s percussion set for the school band, paying a landscaping invoice, and registering for piano lessons for the next school year. I made some tea and just dove into all of that, trying to get caught up on some of these administrative tasks that can get overwhelming when left untouched for too long!

When Ivan got home, we had to clean out my van completely since Ivan is taking it to get detailed today (for I think the first time ever!). After countless road trips, carpool rides and just daily use, the van looks very, um, well loved. 😉 Hopefully it will be a bit refreshed looking after today. We then had some delicious taquitos (some bean, some beef) with salsa verde for dinner.

Later, since it was still a bit rainy, we moved to the couch and watched a bit of a “The Good Wife” marathon- several episodes back to back. Around 9 pm we went for a walk since the weather had cleared up (and wow, the temperatures dropped!). We saw the most beautiful sky in the park nearby.

Today it is a beautiful, sunny morning. When Ivan gets up we will probably go walk again before taking the van in to drop off at the detailing place. I’m looking forward to a wide open day to just WORK. I know, how fun. But honestly, it does feel amazing sometimes to just be able to work with no interruptions or having to plan my hours strategically around the kids. 

What’s on your agenda today?? 

Daily Gratitude:
I am grateful for sunrises and sunsets. How cool is it that the the sun merely going up and down each day creates such gorgeous colors in the sky?! Whether it’s watching a sunset on a beach or the early morning sky changing colors on a random Thursday morning, it always feels special. 

3 thoughts on “Bye!!!!!!”

  1. That is awesome that your boys can go stay with the grandparents for awhile! I know my mom would love to take Paul for awhile. We've never done that and now that he's at a stage where he'd do great with them, we can't because of COVID (with him at daycare we feel like we have to be extra careful about not seeing people since there have been cases there). I am hoping we can go to the lake in August, though. Fingers crossed that works out as I know my parents really miss him – and us. But less than they miss Paul. 😉 Enjoy your free days! How you feel is probably how I felt when Paul went back to daycare in April! It was the best feeling to just focus on work and not trying to balance watching him. He HATES it when I work so it the last couple of weeks of having him home with us were super challenging!


  2. Yes, once your Mom can spend more time with him again, definitely plan at least a weekend like this! It's so nice now and then and I know the kids love it too. I really hope you can go to the lake in August, too! I feel like with so much outside time and not that many people probably at a lake house, it sounds do-able? Wishing the best for you! I know it's tricky though with your daycare situation and all.


  3. you really made me jealous. hahaha. I totally understand the need to have some "non-mom hat" time. especially after being locked down for months! I laughed when you said you hallucinate being called. I swear that half of nights I hallucinate my girls coming to my room calling for something urgent! I think i'm traumatised by those nights that Sofia came because of her nose bleed. When that happens, I have problem going back to sleep because it put me in high alert mode. Well… mom life. it's surprising how much we can do when we are not constantly interrupted, isn't it? not just work but also selfceare. Enjoy!!!!


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