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Summer Routine

Today is Day 2 of what I call our “official summer break”.

Their “last day of school” picture

So far, we’ve mostly been winging it schedule wise, which has been overall okay (for now….) I felt perfectly fine last week just letting the boys do basically whatever they wanted- that first week or so I always think it feels good to just stretch out and relax and enjoy the freedom.

However, I know that eventually this can backfire a little bit. I don’t think that they necessarily need LOADS of structure- and in fact, I specifically want this summer to maybe be a little bit less structured than a “normal” summer, just because it can be- but I do want to lay down some groundwork or guidelines for some things they need to do and place some limits on other things (yes Minecraft, I’m talking about you).
Some things that I want to make sure they/ we have in our days:

  • plenty of free reading time
  • outside time
  • chore time/ helping around the house (This piece needs some more thought and organization- like some kind of actual schedule/ rules about what happens when they don’t meet these expectations, when do chores need to be done by, etc. With the more relaxed schedule, some of this needs some clarification to make it easier on all of us.)
  • Asher- swim time, Ethan-tennis time
  • their workout classes at the gym a couple times per week (in afternoon while I work- they can just bike over now!)
  • SOME sort of educational time built in- online programs, workbooks, coding program, typing program, etc. (This is the big part I haven’t actually organized yet though- WHAT exactly should they do, WHEN and HOW MUCH?)
  • reading through a big basket of educational/ non-fiction books in our living room that we have accumulated but no one has read yet (together or on their own)
  • creative time (they love to play outside but often neglect other activities inside that they could do (and enjoy!) but tend to “forget about” if not reminded…. Like pulling out their Legos, Snap Circuits, or even the chess board.) When inside they tend to gravitate toward anything with a screen, so I want specific limits on that and more of the rest being done.
  • practice piano every day, drum practice for Asher at least certain days

The last couple of weeks we have settled naturally into an enjoyable morning routine that involves going somewhere for an hour or so each morning- one day Ethan has tennis lessons, approximately three days Asher and I have been riding bikes over to the gym so he can lap swim and then on the fifth day I take them to a local tennis court to just hit balls for fun with Ethan while Asher sits and reads.

They usually wake up and read and then play video games for a little bit while I work for a while, and then we head out around 9/9:15. These June mornings have been beautiful and I’ve really enjoyed this 1:1 time with them AND getting some natural outside time in too. Asher has decided that every Wednesday after he swims we will then ride our bikes over to McDonalds to get a McChicken biscuit post swim (we had to sit outside and eat on the curb, since it’s take out only yet, but it was still fun!).

I’m taking a vacation day today- my Mom is here and I have some projects around the house I want to work on that she is willing to help me with. She may be the only person I know that seems to get a weird pleasure out of organizing other people’s stuff. What can I say- I’ll take her help. 😉 Tomorrow is my “flex off”/ unpaid day, so this gives me a little mini midweek vacation!

What does your summer routine look like?

Daily Gratitude:
I am grateful that at my current job, I can take a vacation day on a whim. At my old nursing job, I had to schedule vacation days literally months in advance in most cases. Deciding on a Monday that I wanted a vacation day on Tuesday was basically unheard of. I am grateful for this flexibility now.  

2 thoughts on “Summer Routine”

  1. these are also things that my girls like to do. I think somehow they fill their days quickly and we even find not enough time to do crafting 🙂 summer at home is not as bad as we thought. great to have your mom to help out. I miss mine a lot and waiting for her to visit us when flights are allowed.


  2. Your mom sounds like my mom. When she comes to visit she's like – 'would you like me to clean your oven?' Ha. She is a worker bee, though! She is especially like this since we had our son, though, as she knows my time is pretty limited between work and caring for him. Sounds like you have a good plan for your summer! I was 1 of 5 kids and my parents were both working full time so our summers were super unstructured because my parents couldn't drive us all to different activities and such. So I was always really ready to go back to school at the end of summer as the summer felt really long at times… the weekends were fun but the week days were pretty boring. I think if my town had a library I would have had a better summer experience. But I lived in a tiny town of 500 and we did not have a public library!


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