Good Friday

Today is Good Friday. 

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I am going to keep it short today. The boys don’t have school, since they go to a parochial school now which allows them to have off on both Good Friday and Easter Monday.

Growing up, we always went to an afternoon church service on Good Friday. I vividly remember the big cross over the alter being draped in a black cloth with a crown of thorns hanging off of one side. The lights were always low, and at the end of the service it went completely dark. The pastor would slam the big Bible shut with a loud bang that echoed throughout the church, and we then all retreated in complete silence. 

It always stood out to me as very emotional and moving and has stuck with me all these years. Unfortunately, I don’t feel that we have been able to give my boys that same Good Friday experience. Until more recently they had attended public schools and always had school on Friday, and the years we have been able to go to the evening services, they just haven’t seemed to be nearly as memorable at our church now.

We are planning to watch a virtual Good Friday service today with them and spend some time really talking about it all. Christmas gets all the glory nowadays it seems, but TODAY is really what it is all about. 

This is my favorite Lenten song and an absolutely gorgeous rendition. It brings tears to my eyes and I hope everyone could take a few minutes to watch this amazing video. 
Daily Gratitude:
 Today I am grateful for the somber yet glorious reminder of the cost of my sins and the precious gift that was given to the world on this day. 

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