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Approaching the TEENAGE years. OMG.

Ivan and I spent a little time last night hashing out a birthday gift list for Ethan. His birthday is coming up in just a couple weeks, so we need to get going. Especially with any shipping delays, I feel like we probably should have had any important/ bigger items ordered by now! I have been uber aware of the…

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Have we all become homebodies by choice?

I’ve been thinking about something, as things start to open back up and we have moved into Phase 2 here in Wisconsin. Throughout the strict pandemic lockdown, I assumed that as soon as things lifted, people would flood back out into the world, like horses charging out of the starting gate, desperate to get back to their “old life”, to…

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Well, how about that! Who knew?

I learned something new last night that kind of blew my mind! I’m sort of hesitantly sharing this, because I’m not exactly sure if this SHOULD be new information to me…..I kind of wonder if this is one of those things that everybody else already knew, but I sort of somehow missed the memo?? Last night while Asher was at…

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Am I spending 1/3 of my life on my phone??

I was texting with a friend/co-worker yesterday, and she said something that made me stop in my tracks for a second. It wasn’t anything novel or new, and it wasn’t even totally accurate, but it stuck with me all day and overnight. We were talking about all the constant negativity online and just how overwhelming it all is. This particular…

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Word of the Year: Intentionality

It’s so hard to believe, but being June, it means the year is basically about half over. Obviously, this has been a WEIRD (oh, so very weird) year, but, I guess I don’t think we necessarily have to throw the baby out with the bathwater.  Surely there must be some good things we can still accomplish, experience or succeed in…

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