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Just what I needed (and, didn’t)

Okay, feeling more human today. I think just being over the middle of the week hump helps some, and knowing that today (Thursday) I don’t have any big meetings or appointments on my calendar feels really refreshing. Having a generally “open” day has become one of my favorite things. haha. I can just focus on my normal daily activities and work, without having to do the mental gymnastics of trying to shift things around and work around some interruption.

Also, last night we went to a movie! We went to see Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

It was great! I mean, those Marvel movies are an interesting thing. They can be so….. weird? In a good way? And honestly, if I didn’t have kids or a husband, I am not sure I would have ever watched a single one. But, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one I don’t like! They are highly entertaining. And usually spectacularly done, in my opinion.

It also was a long movie- ran 2 hours and 41 minutes. We went to the 6:15 showing. (Yes, on a Wednesday night. One of our local theaters has discounted tickets on Wednesdays, and also, Wednesdays are the only night no one has any activities later in the evening. Plus, Asher really wanted to see this and it’s been out a while already- and he will be away all weekend for a travel swim meet. And it’s his b-day tomorrow!)

It meant I got to sit back in a comfy seat for almost 3 hours, relaxing, with NO phone, NO swim meet planning, NO emails, NO nothing. Just immersed in the world of Wakanda. 🙂

It was exactly what I needed.

(And probably also not what I actually needed, because I obviously accomplished absolutely nothing from my to-do list during those 3 hours. OH WELL!!!)

I’m feeling generally more organized and optimistic today and have a bit of a game plan for tackling the rest of what needs to happen. I’m also feeling in a pretty good place for the swim meet stuff, for the most part, after the labor intensive planning and work on Monday and Tuesday.

This weekend Asher will be away, so while we do have some plans (Ethan’s BB game, a holiday party Saturday night), there is actually a lot of open space in the weekend coming up, too.

Oh, and something that made me laugh (I ran across this yesterday morning, and the timing was so perfect, I laughed out loud):

Hahaha! Some days I wish we could just check the “No thanks, not participating today” box on life. LOL.

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for movies in movie theaters! I sometimes forget how much I really enjoy that. With popcorn and a soda. 😉

8 thoughts on “Just what I needed (and, didn’t)”

  1. That photo totally encapsulates Will’s attitude most mornings. He doesn’t have that much hair but the hair he does have looks really unruly and he is so cranky in the morning. Today I had to chase him around to put his coat and hat on and then coerce him into putting his boots on instead of Paul’s shoes which he had put on (he loves putting Paul’s shoes on for some reason).

    I am glad you had a fun movie night as a family! Sitting in silence sounds really nice. I fear I would fall asleep in the theater, though. Ha. I’ve never seen a Marvel movie! But I can see us going to things like this when our boys are older!


  2. Yay! I’m glad you took some time for you and took those three hours off. I spent an hour and a half on the couch yesterday watching two episodes of a television show I’ve already watched approximately a dozen times. We all have to do what we have to do to get through these days!


  3. Love the Puc of the girl. It’s so funny and so real. As adult I feel like I can’t just choose not to do things for others one day because I don’t feel like, but maybe we should all have a rain check when needed?
    Glad to know you are feeling better already.


  4. I never really went to the movies before 2020 – maybe once a year? But this year I’ve already been to see 4 movies in the theatre. After 2+ years of watching (sleeping through) movies at home while wondering if a kid is going to wake up or wondering why the kid just won’t sit down and watch a movie… I’d almost forgotten what a glorious, immersive experience actually going to a movie theatre was. And I’m on the frugal side, but I’m with you – the popcorn and soda are a must.
    It sounds like it was *exactly* what you needed! Maybe it was what you needed mentally in order to get back on track with your to do list?


  5. As a family we also really enjoy Marvel movies! They’re very exciting and action-based but not too violent, and I agree with you it’s just so alien to daily life, so in a good way a good distraction from real life? Glad you got out of the funk!


  6. Haha. I wish there was an “opt out” button for some days and I am glad you got a nice three-hour break from life when you went to the movies. It’s all part of it.


  7. I second San’s idea of an opt out button.
    Also, I have never seen a Marvel movie, thereby at least giving support to your “no kids, no husband, no movies” hypothesis. 🙂


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