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Mini WFH rant

Wow, I feel utterly exhausted this morning. This week has felt way too intense with the addition of what felt like 4,329 different appointments mixed in on top of the regular workweek and everything else. 

I generally dread weeks when I have appointments of any kind, because I just know how they mess up the regular rhythm and routine of my workdays. I very rarely take sick time/ personal time for appointments, because since I work from home I always feel like I can just make arrangements to work earlier, later or on the weekend to make up any missed time instead.

I don’t really know if this is always the “best” practice though (and I’m really reconsidering this, after this week) because it does tend to stress me out (and also kind of ruins the rest of the week, fitting in a bunch of weird work hours. Case in point- I was at my desk working at 9:30 pm last night!). I actually had some really productive days this week, despite the busy schedule- I think I was hyper-focused when I was back at my desk- but I’m paying for it today. 

This whole concept is one of the few problems in general I see with working from home (I say “problem” lightly- I LOVE working from home overall and the freedom and flexibility it allows). BUT, there is a sort of complicated side to it in that “everyone else” in the world tends to assume that because you work from home, you are available at any time, which technically you kind of are, but not really! 

There’s sort of an assumption that if the kids have a dentist appointment at 10 am, I can just take them. If a service person is coming over, well, I’m home anyway- I’ll deal with them. If the kids have a school event, they assume I can make it because, again, I’m home, right?! If someone calls, they assume I can talk or am available. Sometimes I just want to get a flashing, neon sign to put on top of my house that says, “I’M WORKING!!!”

If I were working a typical 9-5 in an office, no one would expect ANY of those things of me! Or if I were still working 12 hours shifts at the hospital, I would just be “at work”, end of story.

 Granted, the flexibility is one of the reasons I took this job in the first place, so I’m not exactly complaining. I don’t want to be chained to my desk from 9-5 anyway. I like the fact that I can work split shifts, early mornings, evenings and weekends to piece my workweek together however I want, be it to do family stuff, take a break to exercise or go to an appointment. It’s amazing. 

But, I still have to work 40 hours in the week!!!! That fact doesn’t just disappear. I’m still just as committed to my job as anyone else and I have a lot to do! Most weeks I do work the majority of those hours during the daytime hours, but on weeks like these with lots of appointments and interruptions, I find myself getting worn out and crabby juggling it all. The constant shifting and planning and scheduling of my work hours (which I closely track) wears on me sometimes.  

Anyway, that’s enough whining! 🙂 I’m just a little tired and crabby right now, if you haven’t noticed. 😉 Sorry to end the week on this negative note. I’ll be back tomorrow with a good dose of positivity, I hope. 🙂 

Sorry, I got nothing today. The only pic I took yesterday, of me enjoying a hot drink while at one of the aforementioned appointments! I guess they weren’t all bad. 😉

Daily Gratitude:
I am grateful for dental care! One of the many appointments this week was that last minute cleaning yesterday. I’m grateful they could squeeze me in- it had been since February! I’m also grateful that I have dental insurance and that I’m able to get routine dental care. I once read on a “Profound Life Lessons” list from a guy turning 100- “Take care of your teeth. Dental problems are the worst.” Haha. 

2 thoughts on “Mini WFH rant”

  1. I hear ya! 4 months into this WFH mode, I still haven't figured out a way to MAKE my family not to interrupt me when I'm working other than yelling. I've tried closing the door with a sign NOT ENTER, still both kids come in as there's nothing on the door, or they'll look at me by the glass begging to allow them to enter. I never preferred WFH because my job is flexible and office is 5 min away from home so I can always come back if needed. But the pandemic has grounded me and it is hard. maybe that's why i'm reading/listening so much self-development books/podcasts to keep me calm. tomorrow will be a better day!


  2. That is one of the biggest challenges of working from home. A lot falls on the person who is home and has more flexibility. I know this is temporary so I am enjoying the flexibly while it lasts but I think people forget that just because your office is your home doesn’t mean you have all these extra hours in the day to do as you please. Like I always thought I would do meal prep and laundry during the day if I worked from home but I don’t have time for that during the work day and I probably work more hours and take fewer breaks! Most of my breaks during the day are to read and comment on blogs I follow and I try to get a 40-60 min walk in 3-4 days/but that is kind of it. I also got my teeth cleaned recently and it felt so good to have it done!!


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