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Monday Motivation

This is the first Monday in a while that I feel organized, refreshed and ready to start the week. I had a good weekend, caught up on some things and just feel ready to roll.

A couple things I did that I’m (hoping) will make this a great week:
  • scheduled out my whole day for today in Google Calendar time blocks- specific time slots for workout, kid stuff, work, breaks. I had fallen off being more intentional with my time and I KNOW this DOES NOT WORK for me! “Going with the flow” when trying to work from home with 2 kids around is just a recipe for disaster.
  • re-committed to getting back on the workout wagon. After our trip my week was so chaotic, I made the choice to forgo them. But that is usually an important staple in my life, so it’s back in as of yesterday. Morning Meltdown 100: LIT Cardio & Freestyle Flow coming up next!
  • recommitted to getting up when my alarm goes off. I had slipped into a habit of hitting snooze and then lying in bed scrolling around on my phone, then saying, “How is it already so late?!?!”. I have a lot of things I love to squeeze into this early morning time (that don’t happen later in the day), so I need to GET UP and get going. That extra time lounging, while it feels “good” for a moment, ultimately messes up my morning and doesn’t help me. I end up regretting it. 
  • I already made a list for the boys of the things they need to do today AND I scheduled in a longer lunch break and have already told the boys that is when I will be available to them for whatever random needs they come up with.

I am feeling optimistic and ready to go!

Here are a couple things to hopefully start your week off on the right foot:

This is a favorite of mine. I’ve had it on my phone for years.

Joel from sent this image out recently in one of his morning emails about pushing yourself a little bit farther. His opening quote was, “Run the extra mile! Nobody is on it!” He cautions against getting used to letting “almost there” be close enough to completion and becoming complacent. Read the full message here

It reminded me of another quote I love: 

“Whatever you are, be a good one!” -Abraham Lincoln

I’m off to be the best that I can be! (but no, I will not be joining the army today 🙂 

Daily Gratitude:
I am grateful for a beautiful sunset walk last night with the whole family. It had been a HOT and humid day, followed by rain in the evening. I had been inside most of the day. By 8 pm, it was just gorgeous out! We were treated to a full rainbow overhead as well as the most beautiful sky and sunset. The temperature outside was warm and humid but so pleasant for walking. 

2 thoughts on “Monday Motivation”

  1. I think good planning usually pays off because the moment you write them done, you feel you are set, and you do them, you feel accomplished. my Monday usually flies by before I noticed it which is not very good as I try to be mindful. Maybe I'll try something new to switch it up, like schedule an evening walk like yours 🙂


  2. Glad you week got off to a better start thank to the employment of some strategies that you know will work. It's hard to start a week feeling behind so I am sure that's what really threw your week off last week! It's sometimes hard to get back into a groove but once you are in it, you feel so much better!


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