Our Field Trip to the COVID Testing Center….

So, I hadn’t mentioned this yet, but this past Sunday Asher suddenly started complaining of a headache and was bit lethargic. By the evening he felt really warm, so we checked his temp. 102.9! Yikes.

Trying to get his vitamins in….he has been super into making frozen berry smoothies every morning!

 Normally I wouldn’t really be that concerned and would have just chalked it up to a little bug and waited it out, but of course with the state of the world that it is, my mind went directly to COVID-19. 
I messaged his Pediatrician’s office Sunday night just to let them know of the situation. I also actually had a hint of a sore throat (I had noticed it in the morning) but with the cool, rainy weather, I had just figured it was related to the weather changes or something. 
The next morning I got a response from the nurse asking how he was now that the night had passed and if he had any new symptoms. He woke up feeling better- headache was mostly gone – but he still had a low grade fever (99.4- 100.4). I let her know, and she responded “Great! Glad to hear he is feeling better!” And then she closed the encounter.
???? I don’t know about you, but this struck me as a little bit odd! I mean, I know the odds of him having COVID are technically very low, but still, I feel like we keep hearing that if we have any COVID symptoms we should either get tested, self-isolate, etc.
Last time I checked, a headache, fever and lethargy were definitely on that list…. I was very encouraged by the fact that he started feeling better so quickly, but he did still have a fever. And I still had this mild, but lingering, sore throat. I guess I expected that she would maybe suggest he get tested, or at least maybe discuss it with us. 
Anyway, long story short, we ended up heading down to the new-ish Community Testing Center downtown. It was actually a pretty slick operation! We were in and out in less than 10 minutes. 
The whole thing was free, and we didn’t even have to get out of the car. A very friendly woman in a mask gave us some instructions at the entrance and then explained the process. We drove around to the back and more masked folks directed us to one of several lines. We waited just a few minutes behind one other car, then had a couple of masked people take a quick “intake” (just our names, address, phone number basically).
No one asked about any symptoms- my understanding is that this site is open for anyone who wants to get tested. I mostly just wanted to know, especially as restrictions start to loosen and we may start having slightly more exposure to other people.
A minute later, we pulled forward to the interesting part. There were 3 guys at a table in full body hazmat suits and those big gas mask type masks waiting to do our tests. 

Asher’s little eyes kind of bugged out at the sight of it! It was….very strange yet also kind of amusing to me. I mean, I get it- we need to keep them safe- but it was also just sort of bizarre! Definitely felt out of a sci fi movie.
They did the quick nasal swabs through the window and we were on our way! They told us we would hear results back in 3-5 days. I’m praying for a quick turn around. The boys had been allowed to play/ ride bikes outside only with a couple neighbors, but we have now told them they need to remain totally isolated until we get the results.
I’m pretty confident they will be negative, but of course we need to be cautious. You never know! We could be some of those people with “mild” symptoms…. Fingers crossed for negative results! I’ll keep you all posted. 🙂 

In other news, the boys and I have started a “Run 1 mile Everyday for 30 days” Challenge! We have just been taking turns on the treadmill since our road is all ripped up. Anyone want to join us??? 🙂 We are only 2 days in. I printed this little calendar for each of us to keep track of our times. This in addition to any “normal” workouts- just a fun little way to keep us moving, together!

Steps: 18,702! (Woo! Thanks to a morning walk, my normal Beachbody workout, a bike ride with the boys (I feel like sometimes that registers some steps?), mopping the kitchen floor, an hour long walk in the afternoon, plus a 1 mile treadmill run)
Meditate: Done
Read: No…darn it! 

Daily Gratitude:
I am grateful that I work from home. I was thinking about how this little “COVID” testing adventure would create many more potential issues if I were still working in the hospital. I’m not sure of all of the rules, exactly, but I would definitely feel more uncomfortable going in to work with patients after just having been around my son with a 102.9 fever! Fortunately, I am able to just continue work as normal this week. So, I am grateful for that! 

4 thoughts on “Our Field Trip to the COVID Testing Center….”

  1. Oh boy … that's not good. I wonder though if it is wise for everyone with flu symptoms to get tested because partially I think it has led to unnecessary fear in so many people. 😦 I personally have been working with my business areas on their plans to slowly return to offices in the next months as state rules allow. It is going to be a very interesting next 7 months of the year and I foresee a number of people NEVER going back into the office. I wonder though if some people will be healthier overall because of this? I mean they will be commuting less which will allow for more time for runs, walks, and other workouts that they wouldn't have had time for in the past. Any plans for the memorial day weekend or are you planning to quarantine the boys at home all weekend??


  2. Fortunately, his test was negative! I personally wouldn't have felt the "need" to test, as his symptoms were mild, he was improving, etc. But, I felt conflicted because he has been starting to interact a little more with some neighbor kids, plus we have some plans to see my parents again finally soon. I just felt uncomfortable allowing him to have any contact with potentially vulnerable people without knowing if he had it or not, you know? I would have felt horrible if he DID and then somehow he gave it to someone else.I agree it will be super interesting to see what happens in business. The hospital I work for actually put out a statement by the CEO that indicated they would be re-assessing all of the work from home policies and benefits from keeping some of the telehealth and remote meetings, etc. going long term! Sounds like they are seriously considering making some permanent changes as a result of all of this. Will be interesting! I already work from home, so it doesn't affect me, but I agree that the lack of commute will bring many benefits to a lot of people!


  3. I am glad his test came back negative. They have expanded testing here, but online it says you need to be symptomatic. But there was a news story that there are some testing sites that will test anyone although there were 500 people in line at the one in Minneapolis! I feel like we would all need to be tested before we visit my parents at their lake home so hopefully the lines subside a bit as I can't imagine standing in line with a 2-year old… I would have him in the stroller, but still. that is a crazy long line!


  4. Well, to be honest…I think the testing is good and all, and I'm glad we did it for peace of mind, but the following day I went to the store and came home and thought, "Well, that test is basically worthless now, since I could have just picked it up this afternoon now!" I was happy though that we did it RIGHT before my parents came, as I did then feel quite confident that we were clear to see them. But that feeling of certainty is very short-lived. 🙂


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