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A funny ’90s music comment + pretty walks

The end of this week has involved quite a lot of time in the car. For various reasons, we were flying solo for swim practice (no carpool) both Wednesday and Thursday. Both days, practice was not held at our local high school- instead, we had to drive ~20 minutes to different pools. Meaning I had to just wait around during practice, since it was too far to drive home in between.

Could have been annoying, but luckily, the weather has been great this week. I got out for walks both days while Asher swam, and it was very nice. I caught up on some podcasts, and surpassed 10,000 steps both days. 🙂


Mostly a “small town neighborhood” walk:

But it’s a rural town, so there were lots of nice views around.

Walked alongside a farm field for quite a while


Different practice location (1st practice at an outdoor pool of the season!). I walked in a marshy/ nature preserve area this time.

I loved these adjoining trees.
This picture is a bit of a joke…it’s for Elisabeth. 😉 Note I chose to wear some older, more beat up grey shoes for this walk, anticipating it might be dirty or muddy. (It actually wasn’t, though.) These are shoes I LOVE but the tongue is frayed and ripped a bit (you can’t see it in the pics). I haven’t wanted to get rid of them, though, so I still wear them when I can. 🙂

The last time he practiced at this location was this past fall on the anniversary of 9/11. I remember driving him out there for a Saturday a.m. practice, after watching commemoration coverage on TV all morning. I also remember that I went for a walk that day too, but I chose to walk in silence, just sort of pondering life and the fragility of it all. It’s interesting the things we remember. 🙂

’90s Music

I was also in the car with Ethan yesterday for a piano lesson. Just a funny little story:

He was flipping through the radio stations and clicked on one that had an Ace of Base song playing (“Don’t Turn Around”). My ears perked up, but before I could even say anything, he switched it again. Then he suddenly clicked right back to it, and said, “Wait, I bet you know this one. It sounds old.” 😆

I said, “Um, darn right I know this one!!! This is Ace of Base!!”

He was like, “Who??”

I explained that they were VERY POPULAR for a bit when I was, I don’t know, 10 or 11 years old. My best friend and I definitely sang along to their…tape? Did we have CDs yet? Not sure. I think we had CDs by then. I was born in ’83, and I think their music was from the early ’90s.

Anyway, I was singing along (and hitting every word, thankyouverymuch), and he said, “You actually still know all the words?”

I responded, “Of course!! I store all the most important information, like random ’90s song lyrics, carefully locked away, pristinely intact, in the depths of my brain.” 🤣🤣

*Ethan gives me a weird side-eye….* 😂😅😄

Don’t turn around…’cuz you’re gonna see my heart breaking…..don’t turn around….I don’t want you seeing me cr-y….Just walk away….it’s tearing me apart that you’re leaving….I’m letting you go….. But I won’t let you know….”

Anyone else singing this in your head?? Any other Ace of Base fans in the house? My favs would have to be “All That She Wants” or, “The Sign”. hehe.

Thought of the Day:

There is virtue in work and there is virtue in rest. Use both and overlook neither. -Alan Cohen

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for time in the car with my kids. I think I will miss it someday.

14 thoughts on “A funny ’90s music comment + pretty walks”

  1. My husband’s roommate in college used to play Ace of Base on repeat. My husband no longer likes Ace of Base, but I find it fun to hum along to when I hear them.

    On a recent road trip, my husband downloaded Apple’s 90s greatest hits playlist and we had a great time jamming out to those songs. I sometimes wonder what great things I could be doing with my life if my brain didn’t have lyrics from long-forgotten songs stored in it!


  2. I also love getting walks in during my kids’ activities. It is a great way to make that time more enjoyable vs. half watching practices/half looking at my phone. It makes the time feel like it’s well spent.


  3. Old song lyrics NEVER leave my brain (I was definitely singing in my head and of course, I know Ace of Base. Wouldn’t call myself a fan, but definitely know the lyrics because it was so popular back then!) 🙂


  4. Thanks for the cheeky picture.
    I think I need to go back and update my post with a picture of my light pink sneakers. I was looking at them very carefully yesterday and they actually look remarkably…good. I wonder if there is something unique about the material? They DO get dirty (just the other day they got black mud on them), but then it seems to naturally come off on its own. Weird, I know, but the mesh fibers seem to be very close together and don’t stain long term. So while they aren’t able to hide all the dirt, when I look really closely, they still actually look to be in great shape.
    Love all the walking pictures ❤


  5. I wish we live in a place where walking is the default of transportation such as Europe. given the heat and humidity, it’s hard to want to walk 30 min at 1pm with the sun hitting. Whenever I can I try to walk with the girls in the morning or after dinner. There are always conversations going on when we do that. thanks for reminding me… I might just take them for a walk this morning 🙂


  6. Oh yes, I was a big Ace of Base fan. I think it must have been popular around middle school or early HS for me? I was born in 81 so just a little ahead of you! I also know all the words. Especially for “I Saw the Sign.” I’m working in our kitchen now so just had Alexa play a bit of Don’t Turn Around. I love hearing old songs like that. It can really bring you back! Like hearing the song Summer Girls by LFO makes me think of freshman year of college.

    I’m glad you got some walks in while Asher swam. Walking + listening to a podcast is one of my favorite things to do!


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