Sunday gratitude and cuteness

Slipping in an unrelated photo of Ethan to start with.... outside his first ever piano competition yesterday! He looked so cute to me. And he played beautifully. 🙂 Last night Ivan was trying to figure out the date of something coming up, and asked, "Wait, what's the date today?" I replied, as usual, that I… Continue reading Sunday gratitude and cuteness

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Christmas crazies and Bad Moms

This is definitely the "busy season" for many people, especially moms. You hear a lot about it....every year is the same. Everyone is stressed and harried and HAVING FUN and MAKING MEMORIES, people! 🙂 I'm guilty, too. I'm busy. I have a long to do list. It feels overwhelming. Some things are "want to dos",… Continue reading Christmas crazies and Bad Moms


Wednesday misc: clothes, funny comments, vaccines

FINALLY a better day all around yesterday. Gym ☑️Work ☑️Piano lessons ☑️Basketball parent meeting ☑️ Also, a morning walk. I liked this nice little red tree. Closet clean-out: I also ended up with a quiet, empty house post-basketball meeting, because Ivan took the boys to a movie. (I forget which one- some new action/ superhero/… Continue reading Wednesday misc: clothes, funny comments, vaccines

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Flashback to 1996 planning style, and a personal question

My mom brought me a box of my old cello music last weekend, to see if there was anything in there I wanted to keep. It was a little trip down memory lane, seeing pieces I had played with my string quartet in high school, or songs I played for competitions. 🙂 Anyway, there were… Continue reading Flashback to 1996 planning style, and a personal question