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O Christmas Tree 2021

As I said yesterday, I'm very happy to have the house "done". Honestly, I think decorating pre-Thanksgiving might be kind of a genius idea (for me). I know some people disagree with this school of thought, but it seems like it really allows the time from Thanksgiving --> Christmas to be lightened up a bit.… Continue reading O Christmas Tree 2021


Weird Facebook realization/ newsfeed exercise

So there's always a lot of talk these days about social media, etc... it's evil/ it's valuable!/ it's terrible/ it's great! Seems like many people want to cut back their use, but yet, it's addicting. I am certainly guilty as charged, too- I feel like I still look at Facebook way more than I should,… Continue reading Weird Facebook realization/ newsfeed exercise

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Rollercoaster weekend/ parenting is hard

Yee-haw, what a weekend!! It felt like a total rollercoaster. So, we left Saturday morning for the swim meet, as I mentioned. First of all, those were some LONG days at the pool. We were essentially there from 9 am until almost 8 pm both days, with a couple hour break in between Prelims and… Continue reading Rollercoaster weekend/ parenting is hard

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An overnight + shrimp soup recipe

A mini-getaway with Asher I'm up early on a Saturday because by ~08:00 I need to be ready to leave with Asher for an overnight swim meet. It's not too far- about a 1 hour drive. But this meet will be his first ever "Prelims/Finals" format meet. Meaning, the kids swim in the morning session,… Continue reading An overnight + shrimp soup recipe

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Fall, out. Christmas, in. And a book rec.

I made the executive decision yesterday to decorate our house for Christmas, on November 15th. This is maybe the earliest I have ever decorated, and I'm feeling good about it. I have referenced (probably ad nauseum, sorry), that things are BUSY right now. We have like 4 swim meets coming up before Christmas. Asher's birthday… Continue reading Fall, out. Christmas, in. And a book rec.