Family Fun, Weekends

Long weekend

We had a long Sat.-Sun.-Mon. weekend here in the U.S., thanks to Labor Day. We also had two of Ivan’s cousins (a brother and sister) come to stay with us for this week from Mexico City. (They’d been with an aunt in California for the past several weeks). ALSO, Ethan had a soccer tournament in Illinois (just over the border…

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Kids, Life

My heart is bursting

Ohhhhh my goodness you guys. My heart is literally bursting even now like 12 hours later. I have to share this story. So last night was Asher’s first “mock” cross country meet (just his own team, at the school, during practice). But they had to run an official course around the soccer and baseball fields, up some hills, etc. A…

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Kids, Work

Remote training, writing and 14 years

3 things on my mind today: Remote Training So our new nurse data analyst started on Monday (yay!). I mentioned before she is a nurse I used to work with, so I already knew her. She’s great. I am the primary person training her, so I’ve spent a lot of time lately getting ready for her. Our department didn’t have…

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SEPTEMBER. Reviving an old challenge??

New month! 9/1/2021. In honor of the month that houses the autumnal equinox (September 22 this year), here is a lovely FALL picture for you: I bought this little bookmark on our trip recently, even though the trees definitely did not look like that in August. I’ve always dreamed of being in New England in the fall, though, so I…

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