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The Parable of the Diesel Fuel

Once upon a time, there was a man. The man had a much younger brother, who would sometimes travel from a far away land to visit him. The younger brother was grateful to the older brother for inviting him into his home. To extend his gratitude, the younger man would offer to help the older brother, who worked long days,…

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Gratitude, Podcasts

Hedonic Adaptation + Gratitude

On my walk the other night I fired up an episode of the Hidden Brain podcast, with Shankar Vadantam. I hadn’t listened to this one in a while, and the episode’s title “Where Happiness Hides” caught my eye. Obviously, I’m a total social science/ psychology geek….LOVE that kind of stuff and I find it really fascinating. Anyway, in the episode…

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A productive/nice weekend

For the first time in a few weeks, we didn’t have a soccer tournament, AND Ethan’s league game was a home game (aka- the best kind of soccer game, 3 minutes from our house). It still felt plenty full, but simply being HOME more was just what I needed. I’ve mentioned I had been feeling kind of borderline anxious/ overwhelmed…

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Kids, School

In Trouble

I picked Asher up from cross country the other day, and when he got in the car and I asked about his day, he said, “Um… I got in trouble today.” ???? Hmm??, I said. You did?? (concerned). (Fortunately, my boys “getting in trouble” at school is VERY rare, thankfully. They are usually always very good kids! So I was…

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A better Tuesday

I’m happy to report that Tuesday, September 14, was exponentially better than Tuesday, September 7. 🙂 It was still our “busiest” day of the week….Ethan had piano right after school AND soccer later. Asher had cross country right after school AND swim later. I have to drive to/ from piano, and do CC pick up. But, unlike last Tuesday, this…

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