4th of July LONG weekend!

Happy belated 4th of July!!! This felt like an extra long holiday weekend- I guess because it actually was. It was so nice having the holiday fall on a Sunday- both Ivan and I had off then on Monday in observance of the holiday. (This is always a pet peeve of mine, especially with holidays that traditionally are celebrated “late”…

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Kids, Life

Camp pick-up/ New Month/Social Media

First, I did finally successfully complete my grocery trip yesterday morning. Store was EMPTY, which I am certain was probably not the case last night or will be anytime today with the holiday weekend upon us. So happy to have a stocked fridge again! It was Ethan’s last day at camp and Asher had summer school, so the house was…

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Misc., Travel

Today + photo project fun

Not much time today- I am on a mission to head out in~5 minutes to hit up the grocery store!! We seriously need groceries, and there just wasn’t a great time so far this week. (Well, there probably was, but nobody wanted to go.) I tend to have a MUCH easier time (semi) cheerfully going to the store at 6…

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