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1st day of June, covid milestones, misc.

Day 1 of June was a success, in regards to my “new goals”. Beginner’s luck, probably. Hehe. Of course, day 1 is always pretty easy. It’s not like I really set any huge lofty goals anyway, but it still felt good to be intentional about checking a few things off. Workout: ✅ (Did workout #79 from Morning Meltdown called Meltcon,…

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JUNE goals!

I am feeling some major “new month” excitement this month, for the first time in a while. Looking back, I actually didn’t even write out monthly goals really for April OR May…which, if you’ve been reading a while, is not really like me. The spring has just been…..a lot. I’ve mostly just been kind of treading water around here. But,…

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