Holidays, Summer

Father’s Day and other happenings

First, a very big Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads! Here’s a picture I like a lot of me and my Dad, taken on the roof of the Peabody Hotel in Memphis, TN back in March: And here’s one of my very favorite pics of Ivan with the boys: This was taken two summers ago on a hike in…

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Some overwhelm

UGH, I am feeling a little overwhelmed right now. I hate saying that, because honestly, my life is really not that difficult (at ALL) compared to so many others’. Still, I have had a definite feeling of some “overwhelm” going on for a while now. I think I generally handle busy-ness fine, maybe better than average?? I’m pretty used to…

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Kids, Summer

Getting in a groove/ summer schedule

We’re almost a 2 solid weeks in to summer break now. Inevitably, I feel like we always go through a slightly bumpy transition period when we shift from school to break or back again. Maybe this is my “fault”, for lack of planning or foresight…I’m not sure. I mean, we never really sat down and sketched out summer “rules” or…

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Family Fun, Kids, Weekends

Whew, I’m back

Hello and happy Wednesday! It’s been a while. These last days have been FULL but fun. Asher and I left around 2 pm Friday afternoon for a 3 day swim meet ~1 1/2 hours away (but near my parents’ house). He swam right away Friday evening, so we went straight to the pool. We got there for warm ups by…

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Goals, Life

Social Media Break

My #1 impression so far, after using probably 99% less social media this week than I have any week in the past 10+ years: The old adage is true. “If you don’t use it, you lose it.” (Lose it= the desire to use it.) I am quite honestly SHOCKED at how I feel about this whole experiment. Backing up a…

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