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This and that

I slept like total garbage last night. Sort of. I slept really great from 10 pm until 2 am, and then woke up. After laying there awake until ~4:20, I finally got up. In case you are wondering what time the birds wake up in my area (and start chirping), it is precisely 4:02 a.m. I kept thinking how grateful…

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Deep thoughts, Wisdom

What really matters in life?

I have been wanting to share this for a few days now. It’s something I got in an email last week and it really made an impact on me! It made me pause and think for a few minutes about what life is all about, and what the end goal really is. Apparently, this is referred to as the “Charles…

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Weekend whirlwind

Oh man, I feel a bit exhausted! Not exactly the feeling I strive to have at 6 am on a Monday morning, but I guess it’s a good exhaustion. The weekend felt BUSY. As in, pre-pandemic busy feel! I have mixed feelings on this, but I don’t exactly see a way around it, either. A lot of the “busy” was…

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Habits, Life

Happy May Day! New month + April recap

New month! And, it’s May- which means we are officially out of my least desired two months of the year- March and April. From here it’s mostly smooth sailing. Weather will warm up pretty soon now consistently, then summer is always lovely, followed by my favorite (fall), and on to the holidays/winter, both seasons I really like. Once that yucky…

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