Day #109

Today is the 109th day of 2021. I saw somewhere or heard on a podcast I think last week that it was the 100th day of the year (would have been on Saturday, April 10th), and that kind of stopped me in my tracks for a sec. I remember thinking when I heard that, Wow! 100 days already. I did…

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Life, Weekends

Last couple days in pics

It’s been a nice last few days. Some sunny weather, got my 2nd dose of vaccine (no side effects with either, except maybe a tiny headache last night?), some much needed cleaning, soccer games, outside time, Mexican food…. Here’s a little recap: *A lunchtime walk on Friday. I did a short 27 minute core workout and then went for a…

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Questioning yourself + avoiding distraction

I took this screenshot online yesterday from someone summarizing a passage from Nir Eyal’s Indistractible (a book I read last year and that I thought had many good tips on decreasing distraction). I remember thinking when I read it that what’s in the screenshot was one of my favorite take-aways. It’s not that we “can’t” do the so-called evil, time-wasting…

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3 Things Thursday- Quarantine Edition

Hooray, hooray, today’s the day! After 3 carefully spaced out, negative COVID tests, we are done with quarantine! The boys have been CLEARED to return to school and activities today!! I am grateful to both the clinic staff and school staff for helping us navigate the current and somewhat confusing post-exposure quarantine guidelines. I am also grateful that we have…

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Life, Meals

Meals + leisure

Quarantining = eating all meals at home, obviously…and besides one pizza last weekend, we haven’t ordered out at all, either. As I said though yesterday, my work hours have been a little wacky. I haven’t really felt like I have had an abundance of free time, probably due to working until later in the day. (I did this last spring…

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