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Smartphones & bedtime guilt

New phone! Exciting news. Haha. Ivan ordered me a new phone the other day and it arrived yesterday. I am the type who might use the same iphone for eternity if it were not for the nudging of my husband. (I’ve said before- sometimes I don’t love change!) I generally adapt fully to whatever phone I’m using and cannot imagine…

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Podcasts, Productivity


On Monday, I had two podcast episodes back to back in my podcast subscription feed that were, ironically, both about the topic of routines. I am a big fan of routines in general, so these were fun to listen to! They were very different styles and sort of tackled different angles of routines. 1- Best Laid Plans – Routines and…

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Deep thoughts, Organization

A Few Deep Questions For You

1. Do you hit the snooze button?? I am slowly sinking back into this bad habit. No. Not slowly. I have sunk back into this bad habit. But, not as bad as before. (Used to literally hit the snooze button for over an hour sometimes, years ago….not proud.) Now, I have been hitting it once and then just laying there,…

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Monday: gratitude goals, family time and kids’ books

Currently= 37, High= 70. Just a modest 43 degree spread….:) Seems a little crazy, but bring on 70! I love my calendar quote from today. The gratitude thing is always easy when everything goes your way, so I especially like the reminders that point out that the ultimate goal is to be grateful always– highs and lows. Practice, practice, practice…..…

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Gratitude, Life

Sunday gratitude

A Sunday gratitude brain dump: We got to watch Ethan’s soccer game last night, and my parents met us there. He scored the first goal of the game and it was a beautiful one. I’m grateful no one blinked, looked away, accidentally missed it, etc. 🙂 (Every parent with kids in sports knows what I mean?? Why does this always…

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