Morning Routine

A pet peeve about advice on morning routines

As you know, I like getting up pretty early and I LOVE my morning routine time. But there is one thing that annoys me sometimes when I listen to podcasts/ read articles about starting or improving a morning routine. I feel like oftentimes people seem to completely forget about these little things called “transitions“. For example: I read an article…

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COVID, Travel

Quoting myself from 2020

One very fun thing about keeping any kind of journal or written record of your life is being able to look back on it. Since we are sitting right around the 1 year mark now for the whole Coronavirus situation exploding in our faces, I decided to look back on what I was thinking at this time last year. If…

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February books

Sorry I didn’t hop on here yesterday. I woke up and decided that this was going to win for how I wanted to spend my little morning time: By the time I was done, I didn’t feel like blogging and all of that. It’s nice to mix up the routine sometimes. 🙂 It’s a new month again. February seemed to…

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