Weekend sunshine and the abyss of photo organization…

I am excited to report that I made some REAL progress this weekend on my 21 for 2021 list item of finally getting my digital photos organized and backed up. In fact, this is #1 on the whole list. Honestly, it is just a disaster though. My digital photo collection goes back to basically ~2006.… Continue reading Weekend sunshine and the abyss of photo organization…

Holidays, Kids

St. Patrick’s Day + mom guilt!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Memories from last year...we were supposed to be in Ireland for St. Patrick's Day and had all of this ready to wear to celebrate... 😦 This morning I am feeling a tiny bit of mom guilt. Not really that much, but a little bit. Over the years, St. Patrick's Day somehow… Continue reading St. Patrick’s Day + mom guilt!

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Fake spring & workout completion!

I knew it would always does. We had the most gorgeous weather last week. We hit 60 degrees, the kids even wore SHORTS to school almost everyday (ridiculous- it was not that warm, but whatever. I am 100% over arguing with small people about what they will or will not wear, considering that it… Continue reading Fake spring & workout completion!