Friday 5

Friday 5- my week’s rating + quotes

Hey, Friday… welcome. 🙂 This week was kinda “meh” for me. Fine- nothing wrong, really, but my typical schedule was thrown off in one way or another most days + the frigid weather = literally trapped inside (i.e. no walks even! 🙁 ). I’ve just felt a little tired/lazy/unmotivated on the whole and would give the week a ~3/5 rating.…

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Laugh it up!

While I was eating a salad at my desk yesterday afternoon, I read this article called Why You Need a Humor Audit: the Benefits of Laughter. I like humor and I really do love to laugh, so it was intriguing to me. Two “humor experts” are interviewed for the article, and the main premise is that humor and laughter are…

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Whatever Wednesday

I have no real topic in mind to write about today, so how about a little of this and a little of that? COVID I feel like I used to talk about covid all the time on the blog, back in the spring. Now, I guess it’s old news. Ha. It is exciting that it seems that here in WI…

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I slept in a little today. 🙂 Actually, my alarm went off at 5:30 as usual but I just kind of lay there in the dark for a little bit, awake. When I finally shut off the snooze button, I was greeted with this lovely message. Yay for….clear conditions? Ha. I can’t really cheer for -18 degree wind chills. I…

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Weekend Break

Hi! I’m back. I took a little BREAK for a few days from everything- and I mean all of my usual “stuff”. Asher had a swim meet in the city my parents live in, so he and I left early Saturday morning and stayed there all weekend. I ended up completely checking out from everything I normally do, and it…

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