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1/12 ✅

And just like that, 1/12 of 2021 is over. Flipped the calendar to FEBRUARY already this morning. January always feels like a kind of long month, though I suppose it is one of the longer ones, technically.

It was a nice month, for me. In a way it feels like forever ago that we were at Disney, but that was definitely in January as well.

Overall the January vibe (post-vacation) was very chill. The kids went back to school, finally. YES. I have made it consistently back to the gym. Swim practice is back on for Asher. I joined a virtual book club and read 3 books! I walked most days, and put my Christmas decorations away. The boys and I made a complete 2021 Book List (and I made a personal one, too).

I spent 20 minutes yesterday doing a little month end review and sketching out new goals for February. My attitude toward everything this year is “progress over perfection.” PEACE. 😉 I’m not stressing at all about hitting every single daily habit or even insisting on completing any streaks. I just want to meet “most” goals, do the things I enjoy “most” of the time, etc. (Ex. I’m trying to workout and/or walk everyday. But if I don’t, I don’t. It’s ok. Not heading out at 2 am to fit in a walk so I can check it off. 🙂 )

January Totals:

Read at least 21 minutes: 24/31 (everyday except our days on vacation + 1/31)

Workout 19/23 (23= days home/ not on vacation)

Walk 24/31

Floss! 31/31

Gratitude 31/31

yoga/ stretch workout 2

workout with boys = 2 swims with Asher. Was hoping for workout with Ethan but didn’t happen. Hike on 1/30 though!

Read to boys= 7

New recipe= 1

Skincare 26/31 (a couple days I think I showered later in day so skipped pm routine)

Email inbox to zero= 4! (pretty much every Friday)

$ review/ finance check in= 6

Social media screen time <10 minutes/day= No. (But, I was pretty good about limiting to one check in morning, another in evening with little or no checks in between most days (except for posting blog post in FB group). Time totals still too long though and still a number of days that I totally overrode my limits and was on way more.

I’m enjoying tracking books read at the bottom of my habit tracker. A dot means I read that book that day, a triangle indicates when I STARTED the book, and a square means books is finished. (FYI- top line were rollover books from Dec.)
February Overview spread!

On to the next month! 🙂

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for some good quality time with the boys this weekend (between a night out with E Friday, hiking with both on Saturday and then Asher and I played in the snow for a LONG time yesterday while Ethan was sledding with a friend.)

3 thoughts on “1/12 ✅”

  1. love seeing your january review, just reminded me to do mine. I thought January flied by too fast (well… almost every month feels that way lately), just continuation of the same pandemic mode, the new normal.
    which new recipe did you make? I’m aiming to make 8 per month.


  2. Your posts stopped showing up in Feedly for me – thought I would let you know! I thought it was odd to not see a post for several days so came over to your blog and saw you did post!

    Nice work on your jan goals! You did really well! January went by pretty fast for us, too. The nice weather made a huge difference. We went sledding pretty much every weekend and I went for a walk so many days! The weather is changing this weekend and I am dreading the cold! 😦

    I did well on my jan goals which included walking 3x’s/week, finishing my 2020 photo book, and updating our Will. Felt good to check everything off!!


    1. UGH…. I KNOW! Thanks so much, though, for letting me know. I’m at my wits ends with these technical difficulties!!! Argh. Seems the only place my posts aren’t showing is in Feedly..other blog feed readers seem to be fine! So I have no idea. Hoping my tech person can come up with something, though she seems stumped too! It is mysterious. Boo. 😦 Glad to hear you rocked your Jan goals! Must feel kinda fun to just check a few things off even though obviously your main focus is little baby!!


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