A week in sentences

🔷 Even though I don’t really mind winter, there is something about those first “warmer”, sunny days that hint of spring that is really quite amazing. 😊 🔷 Driving kids to activities is a double edged sword- on the one hand, some of the best conversations seem to happen in the car + the kids genuinely enjoy the activities. On…

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A little planning fail

Despite my best attempts to be a seasoned and somewhat organized planner, I experienced a planning fail yesterday. Don’t worry, nothing major. But still a good reminder that even “planner nerds” experience this from time to time. (Deep down, I feel like I am actually a pretty disorganized person in many ways, as much as it pains me to admit…

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Highs, lows and life lessons

Hello! I’m back again. Asher had another swim meet out of town this past weekend (actually, in my HOME TOWN and versus the swim team that I swam for briefly in elementary school). We stayed with my parents to avoid driving back and forth. It was a great weekend overall. Like last time, pretty relaxing. Lots of just hanging around,…

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Books, Deep thoughts

Catastrophizing/ “Is it true?”& Plan B thinking

As I walked on the treadmill last night (looking for opportunities to up my step count AND somewhat frantically trying to finish my audiobook which expires TODAY and is on hold for other people i.e. not available for renew!!), I heard some really great insights. This section of the book is geared toward parents/ students, but the advice is universal!…

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