Disappointing humanity

Yesterday morning I experienced two back-to-back situations that left me feeling disappointed in humanity. I know there are endless examples of beautiful and amazing humans out there, and I generally prefer to focus on them. But I had a hard time shaking this! Situation #1 Due to the impending snowstorm, I decided to make a… Continue reading Disappointing humanity

Friday 5

Friday 5: Confession, progressive overload, quotes and more

1- Let's start with the confession. I announced so excitedly that I was going to start IF (intermittent fasting) on 1/15, and my goal was to try it for at least 4 weeks. Well. I didn't make it 4 weeks. I made it 6 days. 🙂 It's not that I really couldn't keep going (the… Continue reading Friday 5: Confession, progressive overload, quotes and more

Books, Goals

Happier, #21in2021 and Book Debates

I was listening to the podcast Happier yesterday (with Gretchen Rubin), which is a podcast I would say I listen to fairly often but not religiously. I have been enjoying it quite a bit lately, however, and listened in after my shower yesterday (one of my favorite podcast listening times). I think I mentioned once… Continue reading Happier, #21in2021 and Book Debates