Holiday cheer and pie dilemmas

The feeling of the holidays is really in the air for me now!! I always really like the couple of days leading up to Thanksgiving, when prep is starting and there’s just a special feel to the week. We are doing a very small Thanksgiving this year, just the 4 of us + my parents. We’ve been consistently seeing my…

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24 Hour Gratitude Challenge

In honor of Thanksgiving this week, I decided to do a 24 hour Gratitude Challenge. From 06:00 a.m. on Monday through 06:00 a.m. on Tuesday morning (today), I wrote down something I was grateful for every hour, on the hour. Besides the kids being off of school, yesterday was a pretty average day. I thought it would be a good…

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Family Fun, Holidays

The holidays are here!

It’s officially Thanksgiving week! The boys have the entire week off from school and I have to say, I’m welcoming the little break. As extremely happy as I have been to have them back in school, there is something wonderful about just relaxing all of the schedules and routines. My favorite thing I think is not having to rush my…

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Family Fun, Weekends

A balanced day

“Balance” is kind of a funny concept and one that can be annoyingly hard to find during the years as a working parent (or any parent, really). “Work/life balance” is the full phrase you hear a lot too. (Apparently you’re not living while you’re working? 🤔I do hope that most people don’t despise their jobs so much that they feel…

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Organization, Productivity

Productivity Series #5: Misc. and Odds and Ends

Before I say anything else….How stunning is this sunrise picture I took yesterday morning?? ❤❤❤ I love it. Now on to my final day in the Productivity Series, Day 5. Today I really just want to touch briefly on a few other misc. productivity “tools” I currently use, mostly in the name of completeness. 🙂 Misc. Productivity Tools I Use:…

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