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Little Life Update

Just a little life update today… Life definitely feels much fuller and busier again than a few months ago. It’s that slow creep, like what happens with weight gain, or spending too much money. 😁 Overall it feels nice to have a sense of “normalcy” again, even though many areas of life still aren’t really normal.  A splattering of my…

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Cutting Back

 So far, so good on my #75 Easy challenge (more on that here). Day 2/75 complete and on to Day 3 today. The biggest key is not waiting to get started on the various to-do items. In the past, I would wait until almost noon to start drinking my water, or wouldn’t walk OR exercise until later in the day….just a…

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Friday 5

 Hello Friday. This week felt a little bit chaotic for me, because my parents were here from Monday night-Thursday afternoon while my Dad worked on our tile project. I’m not complaining!! It is looking awesome and I’m so grateful for his help. But, with our school day routines, evening activities mostly back in almost full-swing and work, it’s just hard…

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#75 Hard Challenge….err…#75 easy.

 Have any of you heard of the #75 Hard challenge?? It’s been floating around for quite a while now- at least a couple of years I think- and has made its way to my social media feeds numerous times by now. If you haven’t heard of it, this is what it is: *a “willpower or mental toughness” challenge (NOT a…

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