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Housekeeping + Would You Rather

Housekeeping: First, a couple of quick housekeeping items. #1: If you are still accessing my site from the old URL, please take a quick moment to update however you access my blog to the new site! If you follow me on Feedly, I don’t think my posts will show up there anymore, unfortunately. You’ll have to add my…

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What does this mean? 🤔(and other misc.)

I have this semi-recurring dream (probably every few months? I’d say at least a couple/few times a year). In it, I’m back in high school. (Not necessarily my high school- the setting isn’t really important.) But anyway, I’m apparently in high school. Oftentimes I’m at home getting ready to leave for school, but something always happens and I end up…

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Milestones v. 2.0

If you recall, back in July I wrote a “Milestones” post, referring to both my 100th blog post and my son’s 12th birthday. Well, today I’m writing another one! Let’s call it Version 2.0 🙂 It’s another two-parter. #1: SIX months of blogging + NEW SITE!!! Whew, this one feels huge to me right now. I have now officially had…

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A fascinating experiment in mindfulness

  I’m almost finished reading Solve for Happy, and it’s one of those books I’m sad to be coming to the end of. I really love it. One big recurring theme throughout it is the concept of mindfulness. The author talks about how we so often spend a majority of our lives “living in our thoughts” in the past, the future…

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Good Things Thursday

 The week has been chugging along pretty quickly over here. It’s been a good week, I’d say. I have felt quite productive and generally very focused at work, despite having a lot of random balls in the air at home this week too. I have taken my social media time down to <30 minutes a day and also recently took…

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