Organization, Weekends

The randomness of my to-do lists

Happy, happy Monday, all! I had a fairly open weekend (only real “obligation” was Ethan’s soccer game Saturday), so I came into it Friday night full of all kinds of aspirations. During my weekly review time on Friday I organized and cleaned up my ongoing to-do/ project list and was excited to hopefully wipe out a bunch of the household…

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Books: Buying vs. library

I know many people who read blogs also tend to be pretty heavy “book” readers as well, so I’m curious: Where do you get the majority of the books you read? Are you Team Library? Team “Purchase the Hardcover”? Team Kindle/E-Reader? Team Audiobook? I personally am usually a combination of library + purchase, heavy slanted toward the library side (actual…

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Household, Productivity

Weekly Wrap-up

How was your week? T- 1 week already until Halloween! Then it always feels like a downhill slide into Thanksgiving and Christmas from there, though I guess everything will look and feel different this year. I had a good week! It was a nice mix of productive and relaxing. Holiday Dreaming On Thursday afternoon Asher and I ran over to…

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Gratitude, Wisdom

Happiness and moments that make you go “ahhh”

A long time ago, my husband said something along the lines of, “I think happiness is a myth. No one is really happy “all the time.” So much of life is unpleasant. I think happiness is really just brief moments sprinkled in among all the rest.” This was years ago now, and I don’t even remember why we were talking…

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Deep thoughts, Kids, School

Personality differences

Last week a podcaster that I follow asked for topic suggestions/ Q&A questions (in the working mom/parenting genre). I’ve had something on my mind lately that I truly think would make for a very interesting podcast episode: “How do you handle it when your child is not just like you?” In general, I think we can all agree that it…

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