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Solved ✔

I’m happy to report that my crabby mood basically dissolved into thin air after I hit publish on my post yesterday morning. So, either the time spent writing/reflecting on the happiness equation WORKED or the good mood fairy flew by and dusted me with happy dust. Either way, my day rocked.

Errands and work:

After dropping the boys at the bus in the morning, I swung by Walgreens and finally got my flu shot. No line, no wait. Check! I also took advantage of a buy 1/ get 1 sale on Halloween candy to pick up 4 bags. (Planning to put together individual little “gift bags” to set out for any trick or treaters to grab so it can be “contactless”. We don’t get too many really, since we’re on a cul-de-sac.)

When I got home, I dove right into work and had a very productive day! I just felt focused, on point and got a lot done. I time blocked out my whole day to maximize productivity and this time I was able to stay 100% on track. Also, I had a meeting with my boss at 1 pm to discuss a project I’ve been working on, and he was basically thrilled with my progress. He was very complimentary and it was a nice mood (and ego) boost. 😉

Other good stuff:

🔷My books all came in Monday night and I’m enjoying seeing this little stack on the counter!

🔷 Asher had a group piano class from 4:30-5:30 and Ethan had soccer around then too, so I had a nice uninterrupted block of time to make dinner. I talked to my mom on the phone, too – a great example of one type of multitasking that actually works for me (cooking + phone).

I made shrimp tacos, black beans, rice and pico de gallo and it turned out 👌. SO GOOD. (I’m not just saying that, as the cook. Everyone agreed. 🙂 )

🔷After dinner, I helped Asher finish his “Where’s Waldo?” pumpkin. I think it turned out adorable!!! He’s just so cute!!!

🔷 At 8pm I had reserved a couple lanes to swim with Asher. A little late, but it ended up working out perfectly. The pool was completely empty, which was awesome, and we did a fun “challenge”. He had to swim 1,600 yards, I had to swim 1,300 yards. He would do rotating strokes in blocks of 100s (so 100 IM, 100 back, 100 fly, 100 breast, then repeat until he got to 1,600). I, being the noodle-y armed swimmer that I am, would attempt to just get to 1,300 yards doing freestyle while still being alive and breathing at the end. Whoever hit their target first would win, and would have to buy the other an ice cream this week. He won. Haha. Guess I have to pony up.

On the way home he was all smiles and said, “That was so fun!!” ❤

It sounded like Ivan and Ethan had a good time watching a soccer game on TV together, too, so it was a win-win all around. After the kids were in bed, we still squeezed in one quick episode of The Good Wife (which we are starting to near the end of! 1 season left).

Cheers to a good day! Can we make it two in a row….?? 🙂

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for the good day yesterday. Also, I am grateful for my slippers. I have been living in slippers during the work day and they just make me feel so cozy.

5 thoughts on “Solved ✔”

  1. I’m glad you had a better day today! I LOVE Louise Penny. The whole series is amazing, but she takes it to the next level in book 3 if you end up liking her. Also, one of my first blog posts was about You’re Not Listening, and I found it to be a really thought-provoking read. I love to see what other people are reading.


    1. I have never read anything by Louise Penny, but I appear to be the odd man out! I’ve heard that a lot of people seem to just love her mysteries. I will go back and check out your post on You’re Not Listening! I’m only a few pages in so far but am excited to read more of it! It’s an important topic. 🙂


  2. This post showed up in Feedly – woo hoo! 🙂

    I am glad you had a good day to offset the crabby feeling you woke up with! Sometimes acknowledging how you feel is all you need to do to move past it. Your swim-off sounds good and what a good workout for both of you! I hope you like Still Life – I love that series. The books get better and better as the series progresses. They are very cozy so perfect for winter reading! You’ll fall in love w/ the characters in Three Pines!


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