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What does this mean? 🤔(and other misc.)

I have this semi-recurring dream (probably every few months? I’d say at least a couple/few times a year).

In it, I’m back in high school. (Not necessarily my high school- the setting isn’t really important.) But anyway, I’m apparently in high school. Oftentimes I’m at home getting ready to leave for school, but something always happens and I end up running really late for my first class.

I start panicking about this, becoming very flustered in the dream. As I’m gathering my things for school, it suddenly dawns on me that we are several months into school, and I have not done a single assignment or read a single page from the book yet. (In the dream, it’s usually, say, November in the school year at least.) Sometimes, I think I realize that I haven’t actually even attended the class yet.

The rest of the dream is vague, but the overwhelming sense is extreme dread and unpreparedness. I’m mortified that I have done absolutely NOTHING for my class and I start to freak out about what to do about it! There’s just no way to catch up anymore. I’m going to fail. I then usually finally show up at school in the dream and the teacher announces an exam (which, I also haven’t studied a lick for.)

Well. I had this lovely dream again on Sunday night. I don’t keep a dream journal or anything like that, so I can’t really say when I had it last, but it is definitely a recurring one. Thinking about it though, it seems like it must be related to feelings of inadequacy or incapability.

I spent huge chunks of time from Friday- Sunday working on this new blog site, bumbling around reading help forums and Google threads, clicking on settings in WordPress….I did feel pretty overwhelmed and in over my head, I guess. I’m assuming those must be the feelings that came out in my dream!

So funny how our brains work, isn’t it? It’s pretty fascinating. I would LOVE to hear if anyone else has any recurring dreams. I also dream all the time about my childhood home. Nothing in particular, but that house is just the setting of probably half of the dreams that I remember. It’s like my brain never got the memo that I’m now 37 and don’t live there anymore!! 😂

Other misc.

In other random news, Halloween is definitely sneaking up on us. We took a little field trip Friday night to the Halloween store and the boys picked out these most entertaining “masks” to wear:

Yes, I’m serious. This is what they are going as for Halloween!! They have done the “scary” costume thing (goblins, grim reapers, etc.) for a few years in a row now, and apparently some of Ethan’s friends are going as inflatable animals. So, this was the winning choice. Works for me, since they can wear white/black sweatshirts and sweatpants and stay plenty warm.

Still loving all the Halloween decorations! I ran across an extra strand of lights yesterday, so I just wrapped them around the railing to the basement. My mom also got me this adorable light up pumpkin decoration for my birthday, too. I basically can’t get enough of holiday decorations.

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for our living room blinds. We got them years ago now, when we bought the house, but every time I close them I generally think how nice they are and that I just really like them. But I’ve never explicitly expressed gratitude for them before. Today is the day! 🙂 

3 thoughts on “What does this mean? 🤔(and other misc.)”

  1. Aww, their costumes are so cute! I’m sure you thought the ‘cute’ costumes were a thing of the past. This is the first Halloween that Paul will sort of understand. He’s going to be a t-rex. But we won’t be trick or treating, instead our block is having a treat find for the kids. I think he’ll enjoy that more than trick or treating because he is extremely extremely extremely shy. I’m glad we can do something fun, though!

    I can’t think of any recurring dreams I’ve had. I have dreamed that it was right before college graduation and I get told that I am short a class and can’t graduate. But that’s about it for recurring type of dreams. Instead my mind likes to create new horrific dreams… especially during pregnancy related to miscarriage/infant loss. 😦


  2. I think our dreams comes out our residual or unprocessed feelings during our waking hours. They come unexpectedly and put into consciousness something that was unconscious thinking. I find it fascinated.
    I notice if I work past 6pm, I’ll dream about working that evening, which is annoying. I also dream with random people that were in my past life or current life that are irrelevant.

    loving your halloween decor!


  3. What is funny is that I know other successful adults long out of college who have those dreams too. I think it has to do with performance. It’s strange though because as a current perpetual student I have never had one of those dreams.


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