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Friday miscellany

 Happy Friday!  Today is a “no school” day for the boys. I rolled my eyes a little bit when I saw this on the calendar, because, well, haven’t they already had an excessive amount of “no school” days over the past 6 months??…but I get it. It was a pre-planned diocese wide staff development day, so even though the kids…

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Happy Fall

 Happy Fall! It has arrived.  Yesterday was the first official day of autumn. I celebrated by pulling out my fall wreath for the front door and putting the summer one away.  I am seeing all the talk of fall everywhere this week – lots of “fall” themed podcast episodes are popping up on my feed, fall images everywhere, pumpkin recipes…

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Thumper’s Golden Rule

 The other day (on the day of my watermelon explosion, to be precise), I decided that I was going to try to address an issue with someone about something that had been bothering me.  I thought (mistakenly) that just being direct about it might be better than stewing in silence. I thought (also mistakenly) that this person and I had…

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What kids need to hear

I mentioned this book on our Family Reads list back from July, but I ended up setting it aside when we went up north and then I never really picked it back up again until recently. I finished it the other day. Overall, I think I liked the more general first half of the book the best, which explored teenager’s…

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3 Things

 Happy Sunday morning! I slept in a little bit and man it felt good.  I’ve got three things I want to share with you today….in no particular order.  1. Gratitude pumpkins! A friend of mine posted this on Facebook and I LOVED the idea!! It would be so fun to do for Thanksgiving. What a great activity for younger kids,…

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