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Monday: Highlights, Gratitude and Motivation

Hi. How was your weekend? All good around here. I slept in a little bit today. The boys have been at their cousin’s house since Saturday night actually (after Asher’s swim meet), so it’s nice and quiet around here this morning. 😊 I’m kind of in a “list mood” today…maybe my weekly review/ planning has me in to- do list…

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Kids, Weekends


I felt bad for a while yesterday morning after I hit publish on my blog post. Like I said, I just had woken up feeling tired, overwhelmed from such a busy week and I had a bit of a headache. I felt like my post probably came off as “complain-y” and “whiny”, which might have been annoying to read. On the…

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Productivity, Work

Mini WFH rant

Wow, I feel utterly exhausted this morning. This week has felt way too intense with the addition of what felt like 4,329 different appointments mixed in on top of the regular workweek and everything else. I generally dread weeks when I have appointments of any kind, because I just know how they mess up the regular rhythm and routine of my…

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2020 strikes again

Oh, 2020…you really are a pain. At this point in the year, it’s sad to say but I’m almost unfazed by weird, random cancellations and things just NOT going according to plan. I mean, what’s new, right?   I’m supposed to be reporting back about Asher’s big open water swim challenge from last night…..but, of course, like most of the rest of…

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