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Hi from the beach!

Just popping in here to say HI from Panama City Beach! We left home Saturday morning and drove to Tennessee by that evening, staying overnight in a hotel. The next morning we hit the road again and stopped for lunch in Montgomery, Alabama. We originally had planned to just grab Subway or something at any old place off the highway,…

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Vacation 2.0

Well, I took my little moment yesterday to pout (again) about our Europe trip being cancelled and today I’m moving on!  Honestly, I was already mostly “over it”…we’ve known the trip was cancelled for a long time now. The disappointment had already been processed, repeatedly, and the shock/anger/frustration had largely dulled. But it still hit me yesterday morning when looking…

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I’m not thinking about this today.

Today I’m spending the day not thinking about this. Not thinking about the fact that we are supposed to be boarding an airplane later this afternoon and flying to Ireland.Not thinking of my boys experiencing their first overseas trip, flying on an airplane all night long!Not thinking about my little nieces and nephew waiting for us to pull up to the…

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Challenge Accepted

Finally! After 2 cancellations, Asher was finally able to complete the 1.2 mile open water lake swim yesterday. Maybe things really do work out how they’re supposed to, because the conditions yesterday could not have been any better.We had full sunshine, no wind and warm temperatures. The lake looked SO beautiful!!  I’m really, really proud of Asher for doing this. When…

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Why did the chicken cross the road?

Shockingly, the mile swim was cancelled AGAIN last night. A big line of storms moved through the area all afternoon and although they looked like they might clear out in time for a delayed-start swim, the coach decided last minute that the choppy water conditions would not be good for these younger swimmers. (I agreed. It was dark, cloudy and probably very…

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