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The book is always better

Friday night after Asher’s swim practice, we all watched The Hunger Games. A friend recently lent us the whole triology (the books), and Ethan devoured them all in literally a matter of days. On the way home from Florida, Asher finally finished a very thick book he had been working on, so he started in on the first book. He had…

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Good Stuff

I’m feeling so relaxed this morning! We have this wide open weekend with no plans which, as I mentioned last week, I NEEDED to get my life back in order. Despite my continued frustration with the impending start to school/ virtual fiasco, there’s been a bunch of good stuff swirling around in my head so far this weekend. Let me…

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School Update

I hinted at this in my post the other day, but I should probably address this fully. So, school. Just another one of the 1,000,000 hot topics of the year that gives people another thing to fight and disagree about. This one really gets me riled up personally, so I’m going to try to keep this brief (spoiler: I don’t).Quick backstory…

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Modified Mornings

Yet again coming at you later than usual, though I guess it’s only 7:30. After the last two days of the electrician here at 7 am, today we had an appointment at 7:00 with an arborist to give us a quote for removing a (huge) newly dead ash tree in our yard, plus scope out our other trees for potential…

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