Family Reads

I was just in Barnes and Noble the other day (first time in a bookstore in a long time…) and it was so wonderful. I love bookstores!!  Since I knew my weekend was going to be deliciously wide open, I started making plans on Friday to fit in some nice, long chunks of reading. It dawned on me that I…

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Bad day, COVID, Kids, Work

Parenting Fatigue. TGIF.

Wish I were sitting back here this morning TGIF. Since I changed jobs a few years ago and generally feel much happier with my work/life balance and my job overall, I don’t typically dread the workweek or count down until it’s over. So I don’t really embrace the whole “TGIF” thing too much. But today, TGIF. This week has kinda…

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Kids, Summer

Our (very) brief stint as dog owners ;)

YAWN. Sleepy morning over here and kind of a funny one, too.  Last night a couple of Ethan’s friends came over for a bonfire as sort of a mini birthday party with friends- though “party” is a very loose term here, as it was just a small gathering of the boys playing outside mostly. Ethan got a bunch of water…

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COVID, School


Well, it’s been a few days now so I guess I have to stop pretending I’m still on vacation and talk about something else. How about….SCHOOL??? Because in the current climate, that’s a fun topic!!! 😊 Hehe. Seriously though, school talk is all the rage right now around here. Probably everywhere, I’m assuming. Our local public school district (and I…

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