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Last Day of School

Happy Friday! Today is officially my boys’ last day of school, although we basically called it as of like, Tuesday. 😊 They really didn’t have any real “work” this week- just some fun, optional virtual activities and things like that.  I mostly gave them a free pass the rest of the week to just do whatever they wanted, which was…

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Bedtime Woes and Bad Habits

Last week I wrote a post about habits, so this has been on my mind all week. I’ve noticed a couple “bad habits” sneaking into our household a bit during this lock down time. Maybe it’s not even really fair to call them “habits”- more like “routines that might not be the best to continue long term”. 😊 One of…

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June Goals!

I’m hopping on here later than usual this morning, thanks to hitting the snooze button 1 ½ times, just generally feeling a little slothful while trying to get my workout started and then needing to move both of our cars to park them a block away (due to the road construction/ concrete work on our street). They left a note…

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Family Fun, Gratitude

A New Day

Okay, it’s a new day. Yesterday was June 1st, but as you know, I didn’t really have it in me yesterday to write a regular post. It felt like the world was imploding (honestly, it still does to me). I hope you enjoyed the wise words of MLK Jr in my place.  But I had a little time to sort…

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Deep thoughts, Wisdom

Be The Light

I have no strength or energy this morning to write a usual post. The world feels heavy and sad. I just don’t even have words to describe what I’m thinking and feeling right now about the state of things happening in our country, nor is this blog meant to be a place for heated discussions or debates. Instead, I’ll leave the…

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