COVID, Deep thoughts, Meals

Have we all become homebodies by choice?

I’ve been thinking about something, as things start to open back up and we have moved into Phase 2 here in Wisconsin. Throughout the strict pandemic lockdown, I assumed that as soon as things lifted, people would flood back out into the world, like horses charging out of the starting gate, desperate to get back to their “old life”, to…

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Friday 5, Gratitude

Friday Five: Good Things!

Happy Friday! I don’t really know why I sometimes say “Happy Friday!” or “Happy Wednesday!” in the opening of these blog posts….I am really not the kind of person who says “Happy-insert-day-of-the-week” in real life. But for some reason, it always feels like a nice, cheery way to greet my blog readers. LOL! Anyway, Hello, Good Morning, Buenos Dias or…

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Wisdom, Workouts

Stop When You’re Done

Oof, this morning was one of those mornings that I just did not have much energy. The alarm went off at 5:00 as usual but I just felt tired and groggy. Ended up hitting the snooze button a couple times. More than really feeling “sleepy”, my body just felt kind of heavy and tired.  I got off my normal workout…

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Deep thoughts

Well, how about that! Who knew?

I learned something new last night that kind of blew my mind! I’m sort of hesitantly sharing this, because I’m not exactly sure if this SHOULD be new information to me…..I kind of wonder if this is one of those things that everybody else already knew, but I sort of somehow missed the memo?? Last night while Asher was at…

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COVID, Travel

COVID-19, please stop ruining my travel plans

*I need to preface this post by saying that I realize that what I’m about to talk about is really not very important in the grand scheme of things occurring in the world. I know that this pandemic has caused immense physical and emotional difficulties, pain, stress and economic hardship for so many people in the world, and I don’t…

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