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Approaching the TEENAGE years. OMG.

Ivan and I spent a little time last night hashing out a birthday gift list for Ethan. His birthday is coming up in just a couple weeks, so we need to get going. Especially with any shipping delays, I feel like we probably should have had any important/ bigger items ordered by now! I have been uber aware of the…

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Wednesdays, Work

“What’s your policy on Wednesdays?”

It’s Wednesday, which means it’s my day off….oh wait. Nope, flex days are over!! Ha. I’m not complaining- I am very grateful overall to be back to full time hours and pay this week. But hey, it was nice while it lasted! Can’t say I didn’t enjoy having Wednesdays off for the last 8 weeks. It reminds me of this scene…

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Bad day, Gratitude, Travel

Don’t Worry About A Thing

I’m cranky right now. That’s about all I can say to sum it up. I have just been tired in general lately, despite a great weekend. I’ve gotten to bed too late too many nights recently and I’m paying for it now.Also, I made the mistake of lying in bed when my alarm went off and checking my email. I…

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Holidays, Weekends

Weekend Recap

How was your weekend? Mine was good! Obviously, it was Father’s Day yesterday so that was a big focus. But Friday night and Saturday were good days here too. Some highlights! Friday night: Some alone time! Ivan and the boys rented the indoor soccer field at the gym for an hour after work. I stayed home, put some music on…

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I despise buying gifts for my husband….

It’s Father’s Day today. I’m going to be honest here. I love, love, LOVE the Dads in my life- my husband, my own Dad and my father-in-law- and they are all so very worthy of celebration, but when this day rolls around, part of me is always like, “oh man, another holiday I’m supposed to buy a gift for.”  Ivan…

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