“Remember When…”: Pandemic Memories

Good morning! It’s another beautiful day outside where I am. Yesterday was just GORGEOUS (after a foggy start). I scheduled in a break from 12:15- 1:00 p.m. to hang out and read with the boys. We went out to their little “tree house”/ old swing set with blankets and read a chapter from our Dangerous Space Missions book outside- yesterday’s…

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Don’t Think

Yay, it’s Friday! All the days kind of run together a bit right now, but like I’ve said before, Fridays tend to be a nice, calm work day for me since the boys usually wrap up their schoolwork a little earlier. I was up at 5:00 sharp this morning. I’ve slept good and hard the last couple of nights which…

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Kids, School

Online School, Flexibility and Life Lessons

This is a quote that I have always really liked. I’ve heard it a lot in the fitness world, but I think it applies to all aspects of life.  In the fitness and health realm, it refers to staying true to your goals (decisions) but knowing that there is more than one way to get there. Too many people, when…

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Household, Wednesdays

It’s Wednesday

What’s happening? How’s your Wednesday shaping up? I really feel like this week is flying by. The boys have piano lessons on Thursdays and I feel like it was just Thursday, and now it is going to be Thursday again tomorrow already. Yikes. I guess time flies either way- when I’m really busy, or when I’m really not. I had my half day…

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Household, Meals

What’s For Dinner?

I’ve mentioned this before, but one thing I am actually really liking during this time is the increased ability to have real, home cooked meals together as a family.  Our “normal” schedule is unfortunately just not conducive to this. Typically, Ivan doesn’t get home until after 6 pm from work. Asher usually has swim practice many/most days from sometime between…

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