COVID, Meals

Here we go…Opening Day?

Coming at you from the most BEAUTIFUL morning outside right now….warm and humid and very summer-like (trying to merge my love for being out on the deck on summer mornings with also wanting to write): Welp, today is the day! May 26, which is the official “lift” date of the Safer at Home order for my state and county here…

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Gratitude, Holidays, Things I Love

Gratitude in Photos

Since today is a holiday, and I’m sure you are all spending time sleeping in, relaxing with family or hopefully just enjoying your day somehow, I am going to keep this short and sweet. 🙂  I’ve been having a really nice weekend and just want to share a little photo montage of some things I am grateful for today, in…

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Garden, Household

Landscaping and Garden Haul

As I mentioned yesterday, I usually end up doing some yard work, garden planting or flower planting over Memorial Day weekend.  My typical “spring garden haul” includes a bunch of annuals for our front rock bed (mostly perennials, but I have planted a bunch of new ones and the majority just don’t come back….I don’t know. I think the soil…

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Holidays, Kids, Weekends

Creative Play and Another COVID Holiday Weekend

Good Saturday morning and Happy Memorial Day Weekend! 😊 Here we go, another holiday. This one “feels” a little more disrupted to me in some ways than the others (Easter and Mother’s Day), I think maybe because we don’t usually have majorly traditional plans on either of those holidays in our household. We don’t actually really have specific traditional Memorial…

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Friday 5

Friday Fives: Loves, Challenges and Food!

After what I feel was a week of sort of heavier, slightly emotional posts, I’m in the mood to do a fun Friday 5 post! I’m going to share 5 Loves, 5 Challenges and 5 Things I Enjoyed Eating (because why not?!) from the week. Let’s start with the positives! 5 Loves: 1. News last night that Asher’s COVID-19 test was…

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