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Weekend Check In and a To Do List

Good morning! How is your weekend going? I’m writing this later than usual because I slept in and was having tea in the sunroom with Ivan, just chatting and making a little game plan for the day. I am loving how GREEN everything is finally!!  I have a pretty long list of “stuff” that I/ we need to get done…

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Kids, Wisdom

How to Raise A Pro Athlete

“How to Raise a Pro Athlete” sounds like the title of a best-selling book, doesn’t it? A book that would probably be flying off the shelves by millions of wild-eyed parents, envisioning their little Johnny’s name in lights. The fame! The fortune! The scholarships!  Who knows, maybe this book already exists! If not, someone is probably writing it as we…

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COVID, Date Night

Date Night

I almost forgot to share this! Ivan and I had our first little “date night” out on Wednesday night. I want to jot down what the experience was like so I can remember this little COVID milestone! The boys were going to a mini “birthday party” for our neighbor girl (i.e. playing outside only like they normally do, with the…

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Habits, Podcasts, Productivity

Atomic Habits

“I have the bad habit of….” or “I wish I had the habit of…..” or “Ugh, I shouldn’t do this, it’s such a bad habit…”   This is a great podcast in general! Check it out.  I am fascinated by the topic of habit formation and have read a few books on it lately. A few weeks ago I listened to…

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Deep thoughts, Volunteering

Something I’m Not Missing

I feel a little guilty even writing this post, but it’s something that has been swirling around in my head for a while. One thing, despite the many, many things that I’ve been missing, that I’m just….not. I don’t miss volunteer work. There. I said it out loud. For a little context, it’s not even that I’m Miss Merry Charity…

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